First of all, a dating site is a technology. It is important to understand: the Internet is not a matchmaker. She will not guess our desires, will not subtly notice our unique human qualities and distinguish between us a “tremulous soul”. He will not recommend us to anyone and will not say a word for us. And even more so invite us "for tea" in a good company or arrange a job in a department where there are many colleagues of the opposite sex. To understand what a “quality result” is, we must clearly articulate for ourselves - what do we want to get? A romantic acquaintance? Serious relationship? Sex? Communication? Attention? If we want to get the result in the form of "lived happily ever after and died in one day", then, most likely, we will be disappointed.

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Plus, when people who are busy working get to know each other. Online dating can be a panacea for busy people who, even with a great desire, are not able to get to know each other because they have absolutely no free time. Work constantly takes all their time, but even such workaholics may well go to a dating site during the lunch break. For people with a similar rhythm of life - this is ideal.

Of course, the Internet is not a matchmaker, but nevertheless dating sites provide simply unlimited opportunities in order to get acquainted with a man or woman. And they opened the door to the world of dating, first of all, to those people who are not lucky to meet in real life. They also help those people who are busy living in small cities or just do not know how to get acquainted in real life. This is arguably the biggest advantage of online dating. After all, you will not meet a worthy man on the street because he moves in his Audi. After all, you will not even meet him at work because it is quite possible that he has his own private business. And you don’t even meet him at the fitness center because his club card was bought in a nearby but not yours.
And therefore, very often online dating is sometimes the only place where you can meet the man of your dreams. After all, wherever a worthy man lives, no matter what type of fitness center he visits, it is quite possible that he is registered on the same dating site as you. My friend met a Swede on the Swedish dating site  a few months ago and has already met him. So maybe she will soon leave for Sweden.

Many people communicate, do business, read news, watch movies and conduct other activities through the Internet. Acquaintance on the Internet seems to me to be a great way to find a friend, husband or wife. After all, the Internet gives a huge circle of communication

For uncommunicative people, dating sites are a great opportunity to find your soul mate. Corresponding to the Internet, you can think over a question before answering it, formulate your thoughts more correctly and be more frank or, on the contrary, remain a mystery. You can fall in love with the image that your virtual friend created. In fact, in a real meeting, he may not seem to you as well-read, not so bold, not as witty as it seemed to you when communicating on the Internet.

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