Does anybody know if there is any name in Spanish (or Catalan) for stoopball game? Thanks in advance!

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No se. Es posible que en Español dice "pelota del pórtico." ¿Usted sabe de un juego similar a Stoopball?
First of all, Michelle Grifka, thanks for replying. I don't know of any street game similar to stoopball, but in any case I never heard "pelota del pórtico". I found the English term in Philip Roth's American Pastoral, in a setting and a time where kids used to play marbles in Spanish city streets --in Barcelona, at least. That's why I am not familiar neither with the game's name nor with the game itself! Thanks anyway.
I was just guessing, in my limited adn rusty Spanich thatthe rough translation of Stoopbal into Spanish would be 'pelota del pórtico'. It is a very uniquely American game and fitting that you read about it in a Philip Roth novel. But not surprising that there isn't a version that cuts across different cultures like marbles. The origin of the game is traced largley to the eastern part of the United States, as well as a couple of the larger midwestern cities like Chicago and Detroit. It seems to have been 'invented' around or shortly after World War II.

If you are ever in the states in July, you should come join us in Wisconsin. The story behind how the game got to the rural farmland of Wisconsin is probably material for a novel unto itself.
Thanks again, Michelle. I hope someday I will see a stoopball play in the States--or maybe play it myself!

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