Five qualities of a successful player

What is needed to be a successful bettor? What is the most important thing in betting? What are the main rules to follow to be in the black?
A successful bettor needs to:
1. Understand what value is.
This is the key quality needed by bettor. Without a proper understanding of this term
in the betting nothing to do.
Value is a fairly simple concept, but not all newbies understand what it is. And this is exactly what opens up to experienced bettors who are able to competently analyze the value of bets, additional opportunities for successful betting of  And it is precisely on this that experienced colleagues earn.

2. Have basic knowledge in mathematics
 Most beginners believe that success in betting is determined by the ability to predict sports events or simply speaking by intuition. However, in order to be a successful bettor in the long run
it is necessary to have a clear mathematical plan of the game and also have the ability to mathematically match the probability of events with the coefficients on them. In short, betting is a numbers game and you have to be friends with numbers in order to be a successful player.

3. Understand how bookmakers set odds.
There is an axiom in betting - the coefficients proposed by the bookmakers are a reflection of the opinion of the general public regarding an event rather than the real probability of an event. In simpler terms, the coefficients do not reflect the real probability of an event, but how much the general public believes in this event.
For smart and calculating players, this means one thing - you need to look for events where the opinion of the general public is wrong. Events about which the general public misconceptions.
This also means that very high value is often represented by matches that are put by a lot of random or inexperienced players who are not cunning at all they do not understand profitable betting strategies. The decisive stages of the World and European Championships Champions League matches are priority events in this context.

4. To believe in the ugly duckling
The longer I do betting, the more I love teams that no one believes. In fact, I am always attracted to the analysis of events that on paper look unlikely. Habitual situation: a strong team plays convincingly throughout the season, but fails in the last 3-4 matches. The general public clings to dry statistics and begins to bet against this team. Odds to win this team naturally rise.
It is then that an experienced bettor must demonstrate his analytical skills: you need to dig a little deeper than most bettors and figure out what's wrong. Perhaps the unsuccessful form of the command is associated with some external factors. Maybe she played against the leaders. Perhaps her top scorer has been disqualified. Perhaps in all matches she played very well, but she just had no luck.
Conclusion: as soon as the team starts playing badly and the general public stops believing in it, analyze the value of bets on a favorable outcome for this team. Perhaps in the near match an unsuccessful series will be interrupted and you will make good money on it.
At the same time, betting on favorites is not the most profitable strategy. On the favorites puts the majority and it means that the coefficients on the favorites are always lower than the real probability of events. Thus, betting on favorites often do not represent any value.

5. Do not dwell on the past and do not celebrate for too long
If you have been unlucky for several days in a row, this does not mean that it’s time to drop everything or make a “pan or lost” bet. Do not focus on failures: just throw them out of your head and focus on analyzing future events. Similarly, do not let a string of successful bets mislead you and never indulge in courage - this can also lead you to collapse. Never lose your concentration and cold mind - that's the whole betting.

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In order to succeed in this challenging but fascinating exercise, you need to have a theoretical basis to be able to conduct a competent analysis and know the basic principles of bankroll management to recognize valuable ratios. In this case, the stakes will bring not only emotional pleasure but also will become your income.

all these tips are possible and useful but only to the person who is constantly accompanied by good luck. because the belief that your bet is winning is not enough. as well as the knowledge of ordinary mathematics to confront the bookmaker is also not enough.

You are right. For bets it is important to analyze the games of teams. If a team has played badly past games, then this is a small faith that it will become the winner of the championship tomorrow. I bet through the bookmaker I use analytics and broker information on football matches.

Very much depends on which bookmaker office you choose. First of all - your attitude to sports betting. In order not to fall for scammers and choose the best bookmaker office for yourself, you need to follow a few simple rules. Suppose you liked a certain bookmaker. First of all, check out the bookmaker website. Purely visually. When a professional worked on creating a website, it is always noticeable.

on the one hand, your technique can be used but it seems to me that now to order the development of a good site is not difficult. paid money and you will develop such a site that you will want to invest your money there. therefore, it is a so-so option and it is better not to count on him.

Assa thanks for your interesting tips. I also love games. I also like games. I play escape rooms. In this game it is also important to understand the value of many things. This is especially the value of life. In escape rooms I live in 60 minutes a real situation that can occur in life. But I understand that this is a game and I have the opportunity to correct the situation and I have a right to make a mistake. In reality, this chance may not be. I also like the fact that escape rooms are for a small team as well for two people

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