Invest in tomorrow today...

If you're reading this, you know that Stoopball is a unique, life-changing experience. It's more than stoops, cornfields, and Ray Charles singing "America the Beautiful"; it's friendship, smiling children, and hope.

On a yearly basis, there are many costs that go unnoticed by most. Among other things, your contribution will help pay for equipment to maintain and upgrade the grounds (like the kids playground installed last year by Shaun, Eddy, and Craig), the post-tournament fireworks that explode like spiders across the stars, and let's not forget the ribs, chicken, pizza, and egg-bake served free everyday but Saturday ... which would still probably be free if it wasn't for John Kase.

Consider making a contribution. It doesn't have to be a thousand dollars (though that would be nice). Twenty-five would be good; fifty would be great; two fifty would be terrific! Or, how about 5 dollars for every year you've come (Eddy and Mary need to cough up some serious cash)?

As the 25th Anniversary approaches, know that Tom and Carol will be pulling out all the stops (or should I say stoops?). Heck, if you died and came back to life, wouldn't you?

Your contribution is secure and safe through our affiliate website:

You can also write a check payable to Stoopball League of America and post it to the address below:

Stoopball League of America
8002 East County Road X
Clinton, WI 53525

** Important Note: The Stoopball League of America is NOT registered as an official non-profit organization; therefore, your contribution is not a federally recognized tax deductible donation.

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