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Some sad news ...

Michael Vitti, the gifted cinematographer for the New York Street Games movie, died suddenly Sunday, April 19 in Las Vegas, NV at the NAB Show. He was 46. In his few days filming the SLA championships in Clinton, WI, he made a lasting and memorable impression on many. Samples of his still and video… Continue

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from the Commissioner's Box

24 June, 2009

Hot and sticky here at World Headquarters! I just want you to know that your new Commissioner is really getting into the groove. On Monday, he had his brother Trent and me working like dogs! We had to move a wood pile!!!!! That's right... the fire wood for this years event was next to the chicken coop. He wanted it moved to the front of the coop.......come on.....like you couldn't walk around the coop to grab a few logs for the ceremonial fire.....power my friends must… Continue

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from the commissioner's box

16 June,2009

Pauci Electi,

We now have 60,000 pounds of sand!!!! It is all spread over the playscape to make a fun and safe area for you and yours. I must say that I cannot walk out to the 'play ground' without laughing my head off. If the god's are not crazy, I AM! Once again I wish I could send you a picture. You could gaze at the beach and say in the words of Steve the Stent Phelan, "what's wrong with you?" The way I figure it, no matter how many chillun show up for… Continue

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from the comissioner's box

15 June, 2009


One of the plans for this year was to post pictures to show the progress we are making here at World Headquarters. You know you could jump online and see the nitty gritty work and watch it coming along. I figured that way you folks could get a little geeked up and start to get ready for the Championships. Well, I don't have a camera and Mr. Craig Ruston, who is claiming to have the answer to everything says it's not a good idea! People.....you must… Continue

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I remember back in November hearing a quote from our new President....

"Something something something, change something something....."

Ok, that's not exactly how it went, but the message is still clear.....change!

I am not here to politic, but the Commissioner position has sort of been in ruins over the last few years. No wonder Cat fled to Portugal, was a seven year "transition year" with the exiting commish really necessary? I believe… Continue

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From the Commissioner's Box

2 June, 2009


We’re in the final stages now. As June begins, we here at World Headquarters are working 16 hour days in preparation for what promises to be the biggest event in our history....The 25th Anniversary of the Stoopball League of America’s World Championships!!!!! This is when we get down to the detail work, folks. It’s a matter of going over all the lists and making final preparations. We are deciding which projects will get finished, and which will have to wait… Continue

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