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Commissioner's Corner

29 June, 2010

In just 3 short weeks Kids Camp will be under way.....Nice! Sandy will be hustling the chillen in their chores, tents will begin to sprout here at World Headquarters, the pool will be filling...yes we're close. If I close my eyes I can actually see family and friends sharing the best week of the year!

Today, B., Trent, and Craig finished the mulching and we graded the infields with new dirt. It's just like the old dirt....it's just new. The garbage…


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Commissioner's Corner

22 June, 2010

Portugal 7...North Korea 0....Which brings up some very interesting news on our inroads into Europe. I'm sure you all remember ex-patriot and former commissioner Cat....well he has been running our European Headquarters without authorization for a couple of years now. There had been some attempts to get him back under our aegis but to no avail. Not to worry, folks! Our own little Secretary of State, Michelle Grifka is enroute to visit with Commissioner Cat (he…


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Commissioner's Corner

20 June, 2010

All you guys out there....Happy Father's Day!!!!

Five weeks and counting here at headquarters. I hope you guys are seeing the progress through the pictures we have posted. Carol in the corn pictures are about 7 days apart. I like the one that shows the new infield grass on Chance Field, and the flowers that are past blooming by the time you get here.

Craig is coming up with a new 'special' deal on one all day token....It will include…


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Commissioner's Corner

15 June, 2010

Gettin' closer now.....sorry I haven't got back with you guys for a few days, but you can see we've completed the 2010 Itinerary. Plus the Calendar is at the publisher even as I write this missive to you! Eddie has given the final approval and we're down to proofing the copy....that's publishing-speak for checking our work!

We've have had alot of rain and believe me the crops are growing. You can check the progress in our photo album....I hope to…


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2010 SLA World Championship Itinerary - July 18-25, 2010

Sunday - Janice won’t be here, nor Kelly, nor Danielle.....I guess Craig and Tom willget together with Shaun and put together a real Championship Week!!!

Monday - Sandy gets the Kid’s Kamp started, complains that Janice is not here....takes it out on the campers.....finally calms down by lunch service. (And she wonders why she is NOT in the Fillum!)

Tuesday - Aaron and Shaun get started on the chicken coop demolition. I’m…


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Commissioner's Corner

8 June, 2010

Rain day.....slow and steady a good soaking.....got a little garage work done and about 10 flags up....I'll be on it tomorrow as soon as I get home from the club. Craig says I need to keep my other job because the League is going through some tough financial times what with the whole European thing. (I'm not sure what the 'whole European thing' is but I trust Craig!)

Hope to get some more pictures up tomorrow. I don't know how to do them, so I'll…

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Commisioner's Corner

7 June, 2010

A little more painting today....Carol has this thing for "Tree Frog Green" chairs and a blue table in the pavillion area. I hope to get more wood chips spread as Commisioner Craig will be at the compound tomorrow to check on progress...He's a stickler for telling me what I have to do to make things 'nicey nice' as he puts it.

The Beloit Visitors Bureau has contacted us and we're trying to get a deal on hotel rooms, so let us know here where you…

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Commissioner's Corner

Today I got what I hope to be the final edits done on the calendar. (I wait for Eddies approval.....I'm always waiting for someone's approval!) Also Craig and I are fingering out this photo stuff....so look for more new pics on the web site. (He's a little slow on this computer stuff, but I am being patient and bringing him along slowly.)

Carol's got some new flowers working and the pond is coming around, but there was some BIG bird that came through the other night and…

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Craig and Tom in the Commissioners' Corner

2 June, 2010


Well we're about 50 days away from the 2010 World Championships, and we here at headquarters figure we'd give you all a little update on the preparations.

Today Trennie and I busted our tails raking and filling holes. We also got a start on some cleaning and washing of the bleachers, and benches. Craig watched and said we did a real good job. After about 3 hours in the blistering sun we each got 6 oz. of water! AND we have…


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