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23 June, 2011


It's that time of the year, when teams start forming for the SLA World Championships. I wanted to pass on a reminder of the age restrictions on playing in the "Big Leagues". Players must at least 12 years old to play with the adults. This is for the physical and mental safety of our youths(you may ask mental....there is a lot of pressure trying to hit with runner's in scoring when you are in the "Bigs").

If this… Continue

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23 June, 2011




Two or three days ago it was 90 some degrees and the fatman had to get the new infield dirt down and raked in.  Today I get home from the club and it's about 60 degrees and cold and rainy...I could have waited and saved some serious labored breathing!!


The firewood came today and thanks to the cool weather I got it stacked behind Puzio's Portico in no time at all.  Of course I always think its no time but I  am a bit…


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2011 SLA World Championship Itinerary

2011 SLA World Championship Itinerary

July 10-17, 2011


Sunday- Championship Week begins! I’m hearing a lot of late arrivals this year. Not to worry, Craig and Tom will be on hand to welcome all. Dinner in Puzio’s Portico begins at 4:00 PM.

Monday- Maeve, now in her second year as head counselor, gets the Kids Kamp started.…


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21 June, 2011


Figured 'I'd write this missive in the color of the new painted door!  That's right folks we have added a new door in the door gallery!  Bringing art to the people is important. 


 Hot and muggy at the old compound today.  We…


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5 June 2011



Well, pardon me...Michelle...you just watch now as we will email you with ALL the comments.(Of couse there is usually only 1 comment, if that. BUT if there WERE...you'd be getting them!  It's called a SOCIAL NETWORK, Lurlene, and  what civilized people do is chat it up among themselves and SHARE their FEELINGS and VIEWS on this amazing.....um amazing....um.... cyber thingy!


In other news,  I'll be knocking out the 2011 Itinerary soon and…


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