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Commissioner's Corner

27 July, 2010

And so begins the march toward the 2011 Stoopball League of America World Championships. With the cheers of the Championships still ringing in our ears, and the smell of pizza and hamburgers still lingering on our clothes, and the fireworks disappearing in the summer night, we here at world headquarters are beginning to repair and rebuildour hallowed campus. The overseeding of the fields has already started. Broken chairs have been discarded, busted solar lights…


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Favorite Moment from the Weekend

My favorite moment from this weekend happened Saturday night during 1 of the semi-final games. Tom and I were making our way down to the field, when a little girl, named Grace, approached us. She said “Tom, I just wanted you to know that this is one of the best Saturdays in my entire life….my entire life.”…


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Commissioner’s Corner

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who helped out yesterday with the SLA clean up……

Michele & Mary Erickson, Steve Bryant, Schlomo,…


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Janesville Gazette

Hello All,

Another amazing year in the books. It was great to see everyone again. This article and photo gallery was posted today in the Janesville Gazette about our beloved stoopball. Check it out. Hope everyone has/had safe travels home.


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More E-Bay items

Check out E-Bay for more HOT HOT HOT SLA items

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commissioner's corner

18 July, 2010

Aaron has been here just 24 hours, and the difference is amazing. Lots of stuff I didn't remember from last year....Anyway, he has just about gotten me up to speed on what we're missing and need to attend to. Today we worked a little on the lights (solar and stadium), got some painting done and of course since Carol was here we HAD to sit on the porch and marvel how hot it was, how good we have it, how much we enjoy having everyone share this week, and on and on…


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commissioner's corner

15 July, 2010

In just 3 days Championship Week begins!!! We still haven't heard from Portugal, but we are expecting former Commissioner Cat to be on hand for opening ceremonies. I'm told he does have a bit of an accent now, but I'm sure we'll all be able to understand him.

I'm told that a number of you had the wrong dates for this year's festivities. I find that hard to believe. Your official site here at stoopball.ning.com has had it posted since the end of…


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commissioner's corner

13 July, 2010


Garage clean.... getting there!

Yeah, we're real close now. Staff will be ariving shortly, and before you know it the 2010 SLA World Championships will be underway.

Craig and I have been talking about the response to the web site.....thank God for Puzio or we'd be waisting all this internet space on no one. But since we check a few times daily, it looks to the real world that we're getting 8 hits…


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Check out there is Stoopball items on E BAY......scroll down to links please!

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Commissioner's Corner

8 July, 2010

Fourteen days till Pizza and Pasta with Craig!!!!! Calendars are in and looking good. Dick Hahn WILL NOT attend this years Championships! We will all be a little less happy regarding this... he would only say that Tom knew why and he did have an excuse!

Craig will be taking the League to the People this coming week, as he visits the Janesville Optimists and spreads our message of sharing and fun!.

I'm going back out to the complex now…


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