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20 July,2011




All Hail:  E3 the 2011 Stoopball League of America World Champions!!!!!!!


What a week it was.  For eight wonderful days we at SLA World Headquarters enjoyed sharing with you and yours our home our hearts and our games.  Folks, you did yourself proud.  Thank you to one and all!  Each year we hold our breath as the days approach and every detail must be addressed.  Will we get the dry ice on time....will the…


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Great Weekend

July 18, 2011 


Yesterday, after the traditional Champion's Breakfast and Press Conference. Many people chipped in to help clean and pack up Stoopball 2011. A big thank you to........


Aaron, Patrick, E3, Ginny, Michelle, Black Jim, Sandy, Chris Goode, Jessie, Shaun, Janice, Connor, Maeve, Colleen, Sarah, and anyone else that we forgot.


I hope everyone got home safe....and can't wait to see you all next…


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Stand 38

Stand 39 wasn't half the stand that Stand 38 was!  Of course that is neither here not there now!  Annette

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12 July,2011


Big day today!  Sandy got the concession shit together and gave a little extra cleaning to the coffee pots, Trent took care of the old coffee maker for Aaron.


Oh by the way Ms Carol got into Black Jim a little about smoking in the house.....which he didn't do but Carol wanted to make sure he knew the rules.  (OK, maybe he did have a smoke in the kitchen with my permission and he dropped his cigarette and luckily I was there to catch it…


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Black Jim in the house!!! Arrived last night and was hard at today....well he got to breakfast anyway...2 up, hashbrowns and bacon.  Good to welcome him back and of course he immediatley challenges me to a concession duel!


The final signs are here and ready.  Aaron got the rest of the concession floor done and Craig went over some very important things regarding this week.  For instance, the tokens.   Orange is $1, Green is $5, and Black is $10.  So…


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I am sending in my troops.  We'll see who wins the battle of how the chicken should be cooked!!  By the way: Stand 38 was in the bleachers, in Detroit.  Only the strong survive there.  I an still the…

I am sending in my troops.  We'll see who wins the battle of how the chicken should be cooked!!  By the way: Stand 38 was in the bleachers, in Detroit.  Only the strong survive there.  I an still the only one with Major League experience.  I'll be back.  AD Continue

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10 July, 2011



I'm sure all of you by now have seen the news coverage of the ugly and unfortunate happenings here at SLA World Headquarters.  'Queen of Concessions', Annette Donar, stormed the kitchen and tried to wrestle control of the League.  The gendarmes were called and thankfully no blood was shed....Ms. Donar released a statement through her attorney Guisseppe Hunzar, it read,  "I'm the only one with major league experience".  Well missy I hope that…


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9 July, 2011


All is well here at World Headquarters!!  Hot and humid as only July in the cornfields can be.  Head of Grounds and Operations, Aaron O'Bel, went over the campus and was pleased with the preparations so far.  He made notes and had me write down what still needs to be accomplished before the Hospitality Suites open on Thursday next.  He was a little disappointed in the pond, as Carol found it more important to visit with Shlomo, than to GET THE…


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7 July, 2011


I can't tell you right now how the excitement grows here at George and Zita Memorial Complex.  I am a little anxious as things start to get down to the final hours!  Craig is bringing the grill over even as I write.  We've started stacking and taking delivery on the supplies.  The list of things to get done is slowly getting to a manageable size.  I'm all butterflies as I  think of what will be taking place in the next 10 days.  Carig is  giddy…


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5 July, 2011


Back to regular pay today, so of course, Trennie....no calls/no shows!


Not me, I'm finishing up the new exterior outlets for the fancy schmancy shitters, and the Meganmobile.(I know it ain't comin' this year but we'll be ready .....)  The official Stoopball League of America balls got here today, and I have to get started on rubbing them all up with Detroit mud.


This year we will have a few new additions to the…


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4 July, 2011


Work around headquarters was especially upbeat today, as Trent and I knew we were making double time money!!!  We continue to put the final touches on the grounds in anticipation of the great event beginning in just a few days.


The refrigerators are in place and ready to go...we don't fire them up for a few days but the test runs were OK.  Credit Card terminals were installed and are waiting for your plastic.  The fields are all…


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Did we make it through the hail?

I have never seen anything like that in my life.  Hope the complex dodged the holy crap sized hail.  See you all soon!

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