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The Commissioners' Final Word

24 July, 2012


Dearest Dearest Friends,

First of all, on behalf of Rock County, thank you all for bringing us much needed rain. Not enough for the fireworks, but a great help to the local farmers. (I think, we had more than enough, but Fire Chief John disagreed!)(So you see, I don't always get my way.)


Secondly, congratulations to all Family Leaguers. The time has…


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Thanks to the clean up crew.....

It was a great Sunday morning, The Champion's Breakfast Buffet had a small crowd. But, those you showed up really pitched in to help clean up. BIG thanks to Aaron, Pops, John Henry, Michelle, Mary, Will, Shaun, Eddie, Colleen, Carol, Connor, and Lelly. We are working on our offical blog post for the weekend, we just wanted to get the thanks out ASAP!

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On the 5th Day the Kids arrive

overcast and breezy today, nice and cool, all the browns are darker, and the greens are much greener. The Houuuuuuuuuuds showed up today and Kids Kamp began in earnest. Sleeping Bear got his nap. *yawn*

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Fourth Day of Kidless Kamp begins! Gloriously wet.



We got a good long driving drizzling sideways blinding flashing rending heavens all night long storm last night. Yay for rain!


Too bad we spent the fireworks money on the helopad.  Where is that credit card?

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Third Day of Kidless Kamp

Jeffrey and Landon have finally arrived to break the Kidless Kamp Kurse.   http://stoopball.ning.com/photo/albums/the-kidless-kamp

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Second Day of Kid's Camp - Holy Stoopball!

Beautiful 2nd day here on cmpus. Spectacular night.

Earth for 'me bed and stars for 'me blanket.

Stoopball welcomes you.

Helicopter rides for everyone!

The farm system has produced some excellent prospects this year. Look out for the teams from the two new SLA expansion divisions.  



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Second Day of Kid's Camp

Today it was only 105. Made work at the Compound very difficult. Aaron again stepped up as "Camper of the Day". With the late arrival of "Kid Hammer". Aaron had to take on the task of foreman for latest addition to the sandbox. Shaun did sneak in near the end, to see the final stages of the project completed. I am sure the new helicopter teeter totter will be a big hit this weekend. Shaun and Aaron said they had alot of fun on it, when they broke it in.


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Commisssioner's Corner

17 July, 2012

All right....I they sent the wrong teeter totter but we're gonna make do with the one we got...make sure when you get here that I show you the one we'll get for NEXT YEAR!!!   Hotter than a pepper sprout here 104 in the shade of the willow tree.  Shaun and Aaron push on!!!!

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First day of Kid's Camp

With only 1 camper, it was really easy to divey up the chores. Aaron "The Forever Kid" O'Bel was able to get the swimming pool up, got the lights going, and everything else on his Monday list done very promptly today. He seems to be the top candidate for Camper of the Year. The race will heat up on Tuesday though,  when Shaun "Kid Hammer" Puzio arrives at the compound to start his list!!!!!

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I was going to send an email to you on a couple things and since you sent this out maybe this will give people time to think about the extreme fire danger we are in.
The dry conditions need to be addressed before everything starts. We have had standing green crop field burning over the past week. It does not look like we will see enough rain to make it any different by the…

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commissioner's corner

12 July, 2012

Well Folks we're just about ready for your visit in a few days time. We are looking forward to another safe and successful SLA World Championship Week. With that in mind, we would like to address a couple of very important safety issues that are facing us this year. Just like all of you, we are experiencing a record lack of rain (none in 6 weeks), and temperatures 15 degrees above normal.

John Rindfleisch, Fire Chief for the Clinton Fire Protection District, and…


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Family League

Hey Stoopballers!


It’s that time of year again. Just a couple of weeks to go before the Championships on July 21st.


As you already know we are adding a “Family League” to the Games this year. I’ll just touch on the reasoning behind it and then give you some guidelines.


In the past couple of years we have let the “twelve year old” rule slip. We’ve allowed smaller kids to play in the Big Leagues. This was easy to do since we all love…


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