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Commisioner's Corner

7 June, 2010

A little more painting today....Carol has this thing for "Tree Frog Green" chairs and a blue table in the pavillion area. I hope to get more wood chips spread as Commisioner Craig will be at the compound tomorrow to check on progress...He's a stickler for telling me what I have to do to make things 'nicey nice' as he puts it.

The Beloit Visitors Bureau has contacted us and we're trying to get a deal on hotel rooms, so let us know here where you…

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Commissioner's Corner

Today I got what I hope to be the final edits done on the calendar. (I wait for Eddies approval.....I'm always waiting for someone's approval!) Also Craig and I are fingering out this photo look for more new pics on the web site. (He's a little slow on this computer stuff, but I am being patient and bringing him along slowly.)

Carol's got some new flowers working and the pond is coming around, but there was some BIG bird that came through the other night and…

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Craig and Tom in the Commissioners' Corner

2 June, 2010


Well we're about 50 days away from the 2010 World Championships, and we here at headquarters figure we'd give you all a little update on the preparations.

Today Trennie and I busted our tails raking and filling holes. We also got a start on some cleaning and washing of the bleachers, and benches. Craig watched and said we did a real good job. After about 3 hours in the blistering sun we each got 6 oz. of water! AND we have…


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Opening Day

4 April, 2010

Clinton, WI

For the first time in the history of the SLA, the opening day game was forfeited by the Chicago Stoops! Reports say that Mary, aka 'Chicago Red' is still negotiating a new contract and would not play under the old agreement. The Detroit Risers in their creamy home whites with the old English D, not wanting to let the fans down, called the Tom Emanski Stoopball Trainees franchise and asked them to fill in for the Stoops. Most graciously they accepted, and… Continue

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OK Stoopers, time to pitch in and give our dear friend Lifschutz a hand...

This is an email I received (and replied to) regarding promotion of the New York Street Games DVD release... Please help if you can... and quickly!…


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been a while since I've been here... my bad.
wish I could get this site to email me when there is new activity.
maybe I'm missing a setting, maybe you can tell me how to do that.

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only 142 days until the opening ceremonies!

getting egg-cited!

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Commissioner's Corner

25 January 2010


Even as we speak, we are in the conference room working on the 2011 Stoopball calendar. Here comes the appeal:

If you each send to me a check for $1000 payable to cash, I can handle this myself. For those of you who don't have as much money (such as your new commissioner, Craig) I ask that you send us PHOTOS FROM STOOPBALL or any other interesting data. (Steve this do not mean any interesting stories from your childhood.) Also, please send… Continue

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Commissioner Craig’s Corner

Dateline: Clinton, WI

27 November, 2009


The SLA Winter Meetings for 2009 went off without a hitch this evening. I’m happy to report that the world is still spinning despite the absence of the Detroit, Dearborn, Boston, D.C., Brighton and Portugal delegates. (Voting was sure a lot easier!) (It really is good to be the Peoples Commissioner!)

So in brief, here is a recap. Westby, WI made a very attractive bid to host the 2010 SLA World Championships at Ella… Continue

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From the Commissioner's Box

21 November, 2009



Yeah, it’s been way too long! I’m sorry I haven’t been more ‘timely’ in keeping up with the business of the SLA.....but....well with my medical issues and all...... I wouldn’t say that I have been really suffering.....but some might! But let’s take some time together now and reflect on a marvelous 25th Anniversary SLA World Championship!!!! Here, the 2009 Champs...Bingo Bango!!!!(I still think they should have signed Bongo to a contract, but… Continue

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commissioner's corner

did any/all get the letter? Kelly.....Help.....where's Craig when I need him.....oh Sunday!

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How many months until next year????

It has come to my attention that we stoopballers, only post blogs about stoopball, about a month before and after that crazy week in the middle of july. Sooooo, i thought i'd post something!! 10 months, until we get weird looks from the people driving up and down that county x road. 10 months, until madison and i can scare connor with the same children of the corn story. 10 months, until ella and i can debate the color of pink and hearing about it being "wayyy to girly and gross" for anyone to… Continue

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2009 photos

I added photos from the championships.


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Stoop Happened

WOW....what a tough year to begin my reign as commissioner!?! Not only did I have the resurrection of our beloved Fatman overshadowing my Coronation, but then Joel and Carrie bring Cooper "Mr. Steal the Show" Atkinson. I think topic number one at the winter meetings is locking this guy up to a position in the SLA offices(I'm thinking Commissioner-in-training!). But serious, WHAT A YEAR!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great time and traveled home safe. Can't wait to see you all at the… Continue

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What a wondeful time!

"God is love and those that abide in love abide in God and God in them." - St. John

I love the word "abide". It speaks of a gentleness and comfort. When we "abide" with another we rest in the security of our love and the peace that true friendship gives. That is what we did this past Championship week. We "abided" with each other in quiet moments and raucous cheering. We shared in the "nacho man" chant and cheers for the Sharks and the Wolves in the Kids Championship Game. Hand… Continue

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Post-championship thoughts

Hi y'all,

Well, after 14 years away, I returned to the SLA championship competition day. I had high hopes for what I would find, and to be sure, the SLA did not disappoint! Of course, the games (nacho, nacho man) were great. There were the completely fun games between teams there for a day of fun. There were (I want to be your nacho man) the expected "high testosterone" games, found among the playoff games. The highlight among the games, though, were the (nacho, nacho man) kids… Continue

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Can You Say "P * A * N * D * E * M * I * C" ???

It's official. We have cooties here in Princeton and cannot come to Stoopball this year to celebrate the 25th year extravaganza with you all.

Rachel has the Swine Flu and is contgagious until Sunday. She is on medication, and it seems she started treatment early enough that her symptoms are pretty mild. Nonetheless, we are watching her carefully, as she has a "compromised immune system". We fully expect her to be back to her usual self by the end of the week---delighting us with her… Continue

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from the commissioner's box

9 July, 2009

Well, it's go time here at World Headquarters! In two days, the out of town staff begins to arrive. Food is ordered, suppies are coming in daily, and the excitement is building! We're ready! Kinda!

We have spread the mulch, wacked the weeds and pruned the trees and bushes. The flowers are growing, the solar lights are just about set, and the Kid's Kamp is ready! In another few days we'll have local corn and tomatoes!

Are you ready? In just 7 days… Continue

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Blast from the past...

Dear Tom/Commissioner:

Well, how good is your memory? I was part of the SLA, including some winter meetings, going back to the early to mid 1990's. With that as my credential, however, I figure I am, or should be a member of the SLA forever. (Big hint: I was married to Susan McD. back then, and was on "Carol's team".) Of course, I have formally "become a member" on the website, just to avoid the appearance of special treatment.

I have a question for you, as I just do not… Continue

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