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Fatman Emeritus

16 July, 2014

Perfect day at the compound....Puzio workin the kampers to the bone, Carol telling Tom what he did wrong, Aaron smiling, Sandy using paper towels, this years Artist in Residence, Maeve Humitz, has held 2 Master Classes....life is good!

Informal talks began today regarding the ning web site.....it looks like it, along with Tom, Steve, John and other old useless things, it will be sent to it's special resting place. (Yeah, I'm saying it!!!!)  In the next few days,…


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Kamp News

15 July 2014

Rain day... but still lights fixed, power wash done( I think Austin is going to work out). Back of garage cleaned but Sandy said we need more paper towels. Sand box cleaned out with a mew toy ( I don't remember all these toys when I was a kid Fatman).


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Kamp Notes

14 July 2014

Monday... Where the hell is everybody.  I do not think that I should have to babysit the feeble, OLD commissioner ( plus old people really do stink). 

Concession stand clean and ready for Shlomo's inspection.  Clinton Foods account open, ant traps in place, flytraps ready to go. 

Fatman says most of the cookies are done as well as brownies and lemon squares. 

That's it for now, hopefully Maeve and Austin will get here by 6 o'clock



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Commissioer kamp for kids

13 July 2014

I opened kids kamp today with fatman.  NO ONE SHOWED!  W got foul polls painted mulch spread (Tom said he did most of it...right!) Refrigerators and freezers are up and running. No bull shit, Ray cut down half a cherry tree... more storm damage. 

That is all for tonight.  Fatman has me scheduled at the club at 5:30 am...right! More tomorrow

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Itinerary 2014


JULY 13-20, 2014


SUNDAY-            Aaron O’Bel leads interfaith prayer breakfast, without his appendix.

MONDAY-              Kids’ Kamp opens! Aaron, Trent and Craig are the only kampers. Maeve…


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Weekend Wrap-Up by Eddie

For a moment only John Henry Erickson knew that the game was over. The rest of us saw a ball headed for the porch. The rest of us saw a ball that John Henry had caught a dozen times before. But the ball found a dark spot, hidden from the lights, just before it found the stands. And at that instant only John Henry Erickson knew that his leaping attempt would land without the ball, that there was a new champion.


What a splendid game. I could watch it over again and then again.…


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commissioner's corner

22 July, 2013

First of all, a great big thank you to all the help you guys gave yesterday at the Champions Breakfast.  The banners and flags are down as well as the green monsters.  Pick up and clean up went well and breakfast wasn't bad either.(Unfortunately we forgot the hash browns....twice.) We got the orange cream bars to Dick Hahn and the burgers to Ray.  It is really a great help to us at the compound here when you guys lend a hand on getaway Sunday and we appreciate…


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commissioner's corner

17 July, 2013

New bodies today and the pool is up so no problems with the little campers.  At roll call  this morning Gabby, Jeffery, Leland, Tristan, Peter, Noah, and Kievri answered the call and have done outstanding work...if Craig bothers to stop by and takes ANY interest at all in this week, we'll see if he can upload some pictures of the day.  Shaun reported for duty and is blowing through his list and I think Aaron has completed his.

Carol and Berta are at WalMart (it's…


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Lurleen is on Strike

Heard that the cleanliness of the linens may be in  question this year as Lurleen is apparently boycotting. 

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commissioner's corner

16 July, 2013

hotter than a pepper sprout out here today.  I know you mothers were a little concerned about your precious chillen and the heat,  but only 3 have gone down and I still think 2 were fakin' it....

Trennie copping a little attitude this morning and we had to give him a few demerits which will cut down on his tokens 'earned' fund....tough love!!!!!

Craig and Aaron have the place lookin' pretty good and Ray was most generous with the use of his power washer.…


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from headquarters

15 July, 2013

Early AM...heading out to the lime stone pit to get infield dirt.  Craig is getting more boss stuff done and I think, he will have a special announcement  to the chillen of the SLA soon.  We're still far enough away from GO time that we think we'll get everything done. (We never learn.)

Jeff DuCharme stopped by last night and complained a  bit about the misspelling of his wife's name on the outfield sign....then picked up a check for our insurance and left.  I…


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commissioners corner

14 July 2013

BUBBA IN THE HOUSE! We are kicking it into second gear even as we speak.  Concession stand done and done (must paint countertops and Maeve will trick out signage).  Bubba broke power wash so Fatman says.  Tomorrow at 5:30am we will get the infields prepared.  Craig says he is not available today, he's doing boss stuff.  He told use to work till dark...... he'll be in touch.

In the words of the 21st century vagabond/ philosopher/ and bon vivant... Shaun Puzio...…


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commissioner's corner

9 July, 2013

Just got to the luxurious Comfort Inn Suites(located in beautiful Newville, WI), I am sitting poolside as Trennie swims off the morning sweat(built up from his work at The Compound & this Wisco humidity(actually he didn't do very much, besides close all of Tom and Carol's doors, so the sweat was mainly from the Wisconsin humidity)).

Anyway, today was more of a thinking day. As we call it "Bosses doing boss work". We got the soda, Gatorade,…


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commissioner's corner

8 July,2013

As I got out of bed this morning I put on my underwear and t-shirt (Hey it's not a pretty sight for me either and I got to see that fat guy every day!) and then my socks....well  well  well a smile crossed my face as I started to pull them on.....a pair with so many holes in them they are ready for the trash....why the smile...well all day I know that when I get ready for the shower tonight as I get naked (once again remember I got to do this daily) as I get to my…


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commissioner's corner

I can tell Stoopball week is near. Every time I see Tom(which is almost daily at this point of the season), he tells me "I am worried, we aint going to get this shit done in time".....to be honest, we never get all the shit done in time.

We have lots of new items in the Pro-Shop, I sure hope Alison can find enough room for everything. I know we have said this already....but the calendar looks amazing. They contain, The 2014 Stoopball date and currently there are only 45…


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commissioner's corner

7 July, 2013


Well, in  another week Aaron O'Bell will be pullin' into world headquarters....his first words are always the same....eh...what's up Fatman! and it begins...the week that matters.  I'm just getting in from the yard...a few more chores that we need to finish off.    This is a big week though....food and beverage need to be ordered and put up.  The pro shop  stuff....Calendars, Shirts, etc.  Fireworks....don't worry Connor you're still the only guy that can get the…


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commissioners corner

1 July, 2013

Well as the calendar flipped to July the grounds crew starts it's panic.....will we get a few more rainfalls.....will everything get done (NO!!!)....did we figure the dry ice run out yet?  Yeah, now we're heading into frantic time!

Today we're hoping to finish the doors and getting the weeds under control.  Plus the fountains need a little cleaning.  The pro shop items are now all here and waiting for pricing and display.  The weather is perfect sunny, 74…


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Headquarter's Update

24 June, 2013

First real rain day in awhile, we've had some severe storms but the grounds have come through with minimal damage.  Need to get damaged banners replaced and one of the fountains!  The corn will be fine this year, it's already at 36 inches.  Now's when it really starts getting fun!  Like today, as I replace  the fountain I'll be thinking about all you guys coming....or yesterday Carol's says she hasn't see anybody at the fireworks company and she wonders if it…


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Commissioner's Corner

18 June, 2013

I'm putting the Fatman in charge of keeping you all up to date on the daily march toward Championship Week. We invite you to check back daily to see what's going on and to let us what concerns or issues you may have.


For today, I got the short guy touching up the doors and hopefully finishing up the banners on the house. He keeps whining about not being able to go up high on the ladder anymore. This whining about being old is getting REAL OLD!!!…


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JULY 14-21, 2013


Sunday-                      Aaron officially begins the week with prayer breakfast(Thus we have our first trip of hauling stuff back to The Compound).


Monday-                     Commissioner Craig’s Kids’ Kamp Convenes…Sandy reports “Could be another slow year”(Tom says “Isn’t it about the…


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