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7 July, 2011


I can't tell you right now how the excitement grows here at George and Zita Memorial Complex.  I am a little anxious as things start to get down to the final hours!  Craig is bringing the grill over even as I write.  We've started stacking and taking delivery on the supplies.  The list of things to get done is slowly getting to a manageable size.  I'm all butterflies as I  think of what will be taking place in the next 10 days.  Carig is  giddy…


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5 July, 2011


Back to regular pay today, so of course, Trennie....no calls/no shows!


Not me, I'm finishing up the new exterior outlets for the fancy schmancy shitters, and the Meganmobile.(I know it ain't comin' this year but we'll be ready .....)  The official Stoopball League of America balls got here today, and I have to get started on rubbing them all up with Detroit mud.


This year we will have a few new additions to the…


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4 July, 2011


Work around headquarters was especially upbeat today, as Trent and I knew we were making double time money!!!  We continue to put the final touches on the grounds in anticipation of the great event beginning in just a few days.


The refrigerators are in place and ready to go...we don't fire them up for a few days but the test runs were OK.  Credit Card terminals were installed and are waiting for your plastic.  The fields are all…


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23 June, 2011


It's that time of the year, when teams start forming for the SLA World Championships. I wanted to pass on a reminder of the age restrictions on playing in the "Big Leagues". Players must at least 12 years old to play with the adults. This is for the physical and mental safety of our youths(you may ask mental....there is a lot of pressure trying to hit with runner's in scoring when you are in the "Bigs").

If this… Continue

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23 June, 2011




Two or three days ago it was 90 some degrees and the fatman had to get the new infield dirt down and raked in.  Today I get home from the club and it's about 60 degrees and cold and rainy...I could have waited and saved some serious labored breathing!!


The firewood came today and thanks to the cool weather I got it stacked behind Puzio's Portico in no time at all.  Of course I always think its no time but I  am a bit…


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2011 SLA World Championship Itinerary

2011 SLA World Championship Itinerary

July 10-17, 2011


Sunday- Championship Week begins! I’m hearing a lot of late arrivals this year. Not to worry, Craig and Tom will be on hand to welcome all. Dinner in Puzio’s Portico begins at 4:00 PM.

Monday- Maeve, now in her second year as head counselor, gets the Kids Kamp started.…


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21 June, 2011


Figured 'I'd write this missive in the color of the new painted door!  That's right folks we have added a new door in the door gallery!  Bringing art to the people is important. 


 Hot and muggy at the old compound today.  We…


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5 June 2011



Well, pardon me...Michelle...you just watch now as we will email you with ALL the comments.(Of couse there is usually only 1 comment, if that. BUT if there WERE...you'd be getting them!  It's called a SOCIAL NETWORK, Lurlene, and  what civilized people do is chat it up among themselves and SHARE their FEELINGS and VIEWS on this amazing.....um amazing....um.... cyber thingy!


In other news,  I'll be knocking out the 2011 Itinerary soon and…


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Day by Day

May 30, 2011





This year we have corn instead of beans....BIG CHANGES, don't know why. Today, we got the canopy on the Concession Stand, with a little help from Carol and Trennie, mostly Trennie. Carol is working on the flower beds, they are coming along fine. TOM AND I ARE RE-FITTING THE TOKEN/REGISTRATION AREA.


Kelly has created a link where you can register on-line right off of this site. You can go there right now and…


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2011 Registration

Everyone!  You can pre-register for the 2011 Championships by clicking here today!

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It's Getting Closer

12 May, 2011




Well Craig, Annette, and myself finally got back to the good old USA, earlier in the week.  A few problems with customs (Christ....Annette is such  a sucker for anything that remotely has to do with the children of the Royals.....she bought a  "authentic" piece of Buckingham Palace....it was a stinking ROCK that some little street urchin told her was REAL...and get this.... she said she didn't really believe the lad...but she loved his…


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Check out Stoopball.ning.com on April 29th for live feeds of the Royal Wedding, brought to you by Annette, "Queen of Concessions". Who will be sucking down Scones, and Strawberries & Cream like there's no tomorrow. Dianna had left in her will a private request to Lady Annette to look after her first born, affectionately referred to as Lil Billy. Annette will be representing all of us at the nuptials. (PEE PEE POOH  POOH PAW PAW) Annette will SKype starting at 4 AM EST….more to…


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Grounds Crew News

5 April, 2011


As I began my chores that  Commissioner Craig assigned me for today, I came upon the first crocus of the season, a little late this year...but all the same as I walked past it I just kinda smiled.  Spring does that to you!  The grass is just beginning to let us know that green is it's best color.  The trees are in that glorious stage where if you get real close you can see the branches just ....almost...kinda...is that a bud?  Yea!!!!   The gold fish weathered…


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Winter Meetings!!!!!

27 November, 2010


Let me say right here that what is to follow is nowhere near what we had ten minutes ago. My formerly favorite niece Lurleen, took the Captain's chair to post this missive, complete with pictures and claims she hit the wrong button, but the forensic computer experts tracked the key strokes and…


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Thanksgiving/Winter Meetings


So the final preparations begin for the Thanksgiving meal. B…two and half hours late…. Pumpkin pies are working, stuffing done. Still need to peel potatoes….oh yeah…


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Commissioner's Corner

27 July, 2010

And so begins the march toward the 2011 Stoopball League of America World Championships. With the cheers of the Championships still ringing in our ears, and the smell of pizza and hamburgers still lingering on our clothes, and the fireworks disappearing in the summer night, we here at world headquarters are beginning to repair and rebuildour hallowed campus. The overseeding of the fields has already started. Broken chairs have been discarded, busted solar lights…


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Favorite Moment from the Weekend

My favorite moment from this weekend happened Saturday night during 1 of the semi-final games. Tom and I were making our way down to the field, when a little girl, named Grace, approached us. She said “Tom, I just wanted you to know that this is one of the best Saturdays in my entire life….my entire life.”…


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Commissioner’s Corner

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who helped out yesterday with the SLA clean up……

Michele & Mary Erickson, Steve Bryant, Schlomo,…


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Janesville Gazette

Hello All,

Another amazing year in the books. It was great to see everyone again. This article and photo gallery was posted today in the Janesville Gazette about our beloved stoopball. Check it out. Hope everyone has/had safe travels home.


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More E-Bay items

Check out E-Bay for more HOT HOT HOT SLA items

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