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8 November, 2011  


The stately Tamaraack Pines have begun to turn the most beautiful yellow brown you can imagine. This is when we know autumn is here. All the other trees except the willow have shed their leaves, the grass is still green but winter is slowly turning the corner and coming up Main StIt’s rainy and cold here at World Headquarters. As November begins it’s blustery beat down, we…


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2011 Registration

Everyone!  You can pre-register for the 2011 Championships by clicking here today!

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Commissioner Craig’s Corner

Dateline: Clinton, WI

27 November, 2009


The SLA Winter Meetings for 2009 went off without a hitch this evening. I’m happy to report that the world is still spinning despite the absence of the Detroit, Dearborn, Boston, D.C., Brighton and Portugal delegates. (Voting was sure a lot easier!) (It really is good to be the Peoples Commissioner!)

So in brief, here is a recap. Westby, WI made a very attractive bid to host the 2010 SLA World Championships at Ella… Continue

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From the Commissioner's Box

21 November, 2009



Yeah, it’s been way too long! I’m sorry I haven’t been more ‘timely’ in keeping up with the business of the SLA.....but....well with my medical issues and all...... I wouldn’t say that I have been really suffering.....but some might! But let’s take some time together now and reflect on a marvelous 25th Anniversary SLA World Championship!!!! Here, the 2009 Champs...Bingo Bango!!!!(I still think they should have signed Bongo to a contract, but… Continue

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Some sad news ...

Michael Vitti, the gifted cinematographer for the New York Street Games movie, died suddenly Sunday, April 19 in Las Vegas, NV at the NAB Show. He was 46. In his few days filming the SLA championships in Clinton, WI, he made a lasting and memorable impression on many. Samples of his still and video… Continue

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From the Commissioner's Box

2 June, 2009


We’re in the final stages now. As June begins, we here at World Headquarters are working 16 hour days in preparation for what promises to be the biggest event in our history....The 25th Anniversary of the Stoopball League of America’s World Championships!!!!! This is when we get down to the detail work, folks. It’s a matter of going over all the lists and making final preparations. We are deciding which projects will get finished, and which will have to wait… Continue

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8 April, 2009

"Death be not proud, even you shall die."

St. Paul


By jingo netlees, where to begin? I was given permission to skip the winter meetings letter! I was busy!!! Carol had wanted to try her hand at lifesaving and CPR, and she needed a volunteer. I suggested one of those lifelike ‘dummies’, but she really wanted to make it more real, so I said, ‘sure I’ll play the dead guy’. And I did! Yeah we all know how great she was, and is, BUT...... let us not forget.... I did play… Continue

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22 February, 2008


Over the past few days, I have been in touch with the producer of the Motion Picture about Stoopball and other street game(I could say movie, but why not class it up a bit, eh?), any way...we are negotiating a settlement of their outstanding balance due. The Film (pronounced fillum) is in post production and should actually be done in the next few months. No bull shit!!!!!!!!! Plus 'their people' and 'our people' are in 'meetings' regarding a possible World Premier at the 2008… Continue

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15 January, 2008


Every year, on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, the Stoopball League of America convenes to discuss and debate issues of great importance that come before it. One of the most important issues that are discussed is the picking of the Championship dates for the following year. We came together again this past November and picked a date for 2008. ( But that wasn’t good enough for some of you!) Well, after much weeping and gnashing of teeth, it has been decided that the… Continue

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10 May, 2007


The season is on!!!! We are working like dogs here at world headquarters to present the best ever SLA Championships! With just nine weeks till 'GO TIME', the George and Zeta Memorial Complex is coming along slowly, but.....surely.

I hear that the Detroit Risers have picked up the option on Joe Crill, and with Megan due back this year....they will be formidable. (Antony? You in?) Is this the year Boston puts it all together? Perhaps, Twister Sister will finally play… Continue

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19 October 2005


We finally got a little rain the other day. It was the first precipitation we‚ve had since you folks left. Dry! Dry! Dry! The work here continues. I finally got all the signs down and although everything is not really put away, it is out of view. Last on the list is the tiki area lights. (I‚m trying to talk myself into leaving them up year round.)

Life here at world headquarters goes on. Construction is underway on the new improvements that were approved by the… Continue

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