Every year, on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, the Stoopball League of America convenes to discuss and debate issues of great importance that come before it. One of the most important issues that are discussed is the picking of the Championship dates for the following year. We came together again this past November and picked a date for 2008. ( But that wasn’t good enough for some of you!) Well, after much weeping and gnashing of teeth, it has been decided that the Twenty Fourth Annual Stoopball League of America World Championships will be contested in Clinton, WI during the week of July22-27, 2008. At this point it is etched in stone.(But then again, I thought another date was etched in stone!) But there you have it.....the weekend of July 25-27, 2008. Done and done.....Amen. So I hope, so may it be!

Now onto some really good stuff. In old business, it was decided that John Kase should be in charge of hunting down and collecting the past due concessions account of Matt Levy. Then, things got really interesting. Normally, when we are renegotiating contracts, it’s pretty cut and dried. A modest raise is usually brought up, and our employee are more than happy to continue their work with us. Except this year!!!! When Ms. Janice Armour’s contract was brought up, some felt that she had left her post unattended a few times in 2007.....there was some whispers of why she wasn’t available at certain meals, dishes weren’t always done....well after some discussion and more than a bit of ugliness, Ms. Sandy Ford moved to just not bring her back! Ms. Ford said: “We’re tired of the kitchen Nazi, and her fancy, schmancy rubber gloves, plus she’s just old...put her down!” Janice, you were there, you know how I went to bat for you, back in the day, when I was the commissioner, maybe I.......but that was then and this is now, so folks, Commissioner Cat made it official and appointed Adrian and Danielle to take over the most important job that the League has. I really have to stop for a minute, I can’t type through the tears in my eyes.

We also spoke of recruiting more concession and pro shop staff this coming year. We hope to have a plan in place well before July gets here. John, Chris, Black Jim and Sandy need a little help and we are going to get it for them! (Annette needs a lot of help and we’re looking into that too, if you get my drift.)

Michelle has formed an adhoc (or is it adjunct?) Capitol Campaign Committee to begin planning next year’s 25th Anniversary. More information on this and other matters will be on the web site in the next few weeks........right????? Remember that it’s Get on the highway guys, visit us there.

And that about does it for this go round. Out here at World Headquarters, a thick, soft, deep blanket of snow covers the fields. The drifts make Tammi Tigger Field resemble a moonscape. It’s tough to imagine that in no time at all, spring training will begin, and soon ..........sooner than we can imagine.......opening day will arrive!!! If I close my eyes, I can almost taste the Chicken and Ribs at the Commissioner’s Barbeque, and the first tomatoes of the summer! If I squeeze them tight, I can see the Kid Kampers, painting the concession stands, Brad posting the schedules, DeWald selling tokens. It’s coming folks and we love it! It has become for us, a time to stop and share. A time to slow down for a bit and count and relive all our personal and shared adventures. Biblical if you will: ‘a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to be born, a time to die. Yeah......we pretty much do have it all!!!!(Well, everybody but Janice!!)


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