2010 SLA World Championship Itinerary - July 18-25, 2010

Sunday - Janice won’t be here, nor Kelly, nor Danielle.....I guess Craig and Tom willget together with Shaun and put together a real Championship Week!!!

Monday - Sandy gets the Kid’s Kamp started, complains that Janice is not here....takes it out on the campers.....finally calms down by lunch service. (And she wonders why she is NOT in the Fillum!)

Tuesday - Aaron and Shaun get started on the chicken coop demolition. I’m still hoping for an implosion.... but we’ll see!

Wednesday - Kids spirit is finally broken and we begin to get some real work done.... no more breaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner..... breaks when work is DONE!!! ErnieHarwell concession stand is painted, and final power washing done!

Thursday - Early registration begins, Hospitality Suites open at 4:00PM. Janice may be here by then, but don’t plan on it.... hey maybe Carol shows up.... it could happen!!! Pizza and Pasta Rustino Buffet highlights the evening.... served till 9:00PM. Yes Craig does like Pasta Rustino!!

Friday - 21st Annual Eddie Holohan/Mike Katroscik Celebrity Golf Pro-AM. This year’s celebrities will be the stars of NEW YORK STREET GAMES! Alison steps up and makes the dry ice run... let’s see if she remembers last year’s training. Then in the evening the NEW YORK STREET GAMES actors will host the Commissioner’s All Around a Pig’s Ass is Pork Barbeque followed by the Clinton Premier of the aforementioned Fillum!!! Final setting of stadium lights. Lights out 11:00 PM! (Tomorrow’s a big day!)

Saturday Championship Day!

6:38 AM - Reveille with Patrick Grace and his Bugle

6:40AM - Janice hosts breakfast in the Garage.

7:00AM - Final preparations campus wide, fields striped, garbage checked, concessions stocked.

8:00AM - Final registration

8:30AM - Opening Ceremonies

8:51AM - First Pitch

8:52AM - Concessions Open

4:30PM - Kids Championship Game

5:15PM - Crowds huddle around the old Maple Tree to check playoff seedings.

7:45PM - 2010 SLA World Championship Game

9:00PM - Fireworks display... this year we salute the Shlomo/Joe Nuptials


8:00AM - Getaway Day, breakfast hosted by 2010 SLA World Champions

8:30AM - Clean up and breakdown.... if you’re still here you’re helping, except Sandy..... she’ll be sitting in Dick Hahn’s field..... SOBBING....

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