2011 SLA World Championship Itinerary

2011 SLA World Championship Itinerary
July 10-17, 2011


Sunday- Championship Week begins! I’m hearing a lot of late arrivals this year. Not to worry, Craig and Tom will be on hand to welcome all. Dinner in Puzio’s Portico begins at 4:00 PM.

Monday- Maeve, now in her second year as head counselor, gets the Kids Kamp started. Maps out chores and educational activities for the younguns’! Craig gets crackin’ on the final touches for the campus.
Tuesday- Fatman worries will everything be ready? Still no Janice!!!(I think she’s about done.) (But maybe we’re about done with her!) Sandy Ford goes to WAL-MART...again! Kid’s get a good start on the weeding, and Maeve OK’s a 10 minute break every 6 hours. (I like that kid!)

Wednesday-Pool goes up, cookies ordered, lemon squares ordered.Janice arrives with Ms. Virginia and check in and have drinks in the pavilion. 
Thursday-Early registration continues. It began a few weeks back when we posted it on the web site. (Stoopball.ning.com) Hospitality Suites open at 4:00 PM Craig’s famous Pasta Rustino and Pizza Bash kicks off at 6:00PM. (Please no carry-ons!) Free play into the night. Ceremonial fire at dark!

Friday- 22nd Annual Eddie Holohan/Mike Katroscik Celebrity Golf Pro-Am. Once again the plan is for Alison to make the dry ice run! Great job last year Allie! Of course round about 6:00PM the Commissioner’s All Around a Pig’s Ass is Pork Barbeque begins! Ribs, Chix, Beans, Slaw, Pot. Salad, and much much more. Puzio and Aaron set the lights for game day. Lights out 11:00 PM.

Saturday- Championship Day!
6:38 AM - Reveille w/ Patrick Grace
6:47 AM - Breakfast
7:00 AM - Final Prep - Fields Striped/Music ready/Balls/ Flag/ Music/ Whatever
8:00 AM - Final Registration
8:30 AM - Opening Ceremonies
8:57 AM - First Pitch
8:58 AM - Concessions Open
4:30 PM - Kids Championship Game
5:00 PM - Playoffs Begin
7:45 PM - 2011 SLA World Championship Game
9:00 PM - Pyro Technic Show...I can’t even tell you how big this years blasts will be!

Sunday- Get away day!
8:00 AM - Get up, Pick up, Clean up,
8:30 AM - Breakfast hosted by the 2011 SLA Champs.
9:30 AM - Hugs and Kisses and Good Byes
9:37 AM - 2012 Planning Meeting!!!

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