JULY 14-21, 2013


Sunday-                      Aaron officially begins the week with prayer breakfast(Thus we have our first trip of hauling stuff back to The Compound).


Monday-                     Commissioner Craig’s Kids’ Kamp Convenes…Sandy reports “Could be another slow year”(Tom says “Isn’t it about the kids?”).


Tuesday-                     The Puzio watch begins. If he doesn’t show today, cross items 15-20 off his to do list.  Aaron checks burnt out lights and repairs and replaces as needed.


Wednesday-               Sandy and Janice arrive (NOT TOGETHER). Power wash day. Set concessions. Maeve paints plates! Shaun still not here, items 10-14 CUT. Commissioner Emeritus Tom proclaims “THIS IS THE LAST YEAR…”!!!


Thursday-                   Hospitality Suites open. Teams and guests begin to arrive; on-site registration opens for those who didn’t register early on Stoopball.ning.com. Pro-Shop opens(get your new calendars, only 50 left!!!). Craig serves up pizza, salad, and Pasta Rustino for the Champion’s Dinner. Michelle should be on campus by then.


Friday-                        24th Annual Mike Katroscik/Eddie Holohan Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament is held at Prairie Woods. Tee time is 11AM sharp. Primping continues at the Compound. Puzio must finish his list before the afternoon shower and nap. John Kase returns to the ribs and chicken station for the Commissioner’s All Around a Pigs’ Ass is Pork BBQ. Free play till dark. Lights out at 10PM (BIG DAY TOMORROW).

Saturday-Championship Day

8:00AM-Coffee and croissants on campus.

8:30AM-Final registration.

9:00AM-Open Ceremonies(Commissioner Cat rumored to make an appearance)(That’s what his Twitter said( #Whereshebeen)).

9:23AM-First Pitch.

9:33AM-Games begin.

9:34AM-Tokens and Pro-Shop open.

9:35AM-Concessions open.

9:36AM-Calendars are going fast. JUST SO YOU KNOW.

5:00PM-Kids’ Championship Game.

6:05PM-Playoffs begin.


9:00PM-The return of fire exploding in the sky. This year’s pyrotechnic extravaganza saluteSeaman Recruit Colleen Grace, USN(that is if Chef Rindfleisch ok’s it). Make sure Marc and Gail punch out.

Sunday-                      Clean Up/Travel Day

8:00AM-Patrick Grace sounds Reveille.

8:30AM-Breakfast on the prairie hosted by the 2013 SLA World Champs.

9:00AM-Monsters come down, pool drains, CLEAN UP. Thank you all again!!!!

10:00AM-And every stranger’s face I see, reminds me that I long to be homeward bound.


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