12 July, 2012

Well Folks we're just about ready for your visit in a few days time. We are looking forward to another safe and successful SLA World Championship Week. With that in mind, we would like to address a couple of very important safety issues that are facing us this year. Just like all of you, we are experiencing a record lack of rain (none in 6 weeks), and temperatures 15 degrees above normal.

John Rindfleisch, Fire Chief for the Clinton Fire Protection District, and proud Captain of the The Lifesavers, has suggested some safety precautions that we are adopting. Not to worry dear friends....the Ribs, Chicken, Hamburgers, and so on with be cooked to your order. However....we all need to excercise extreme caution in other areas.....We will have a list of the do's and don'ts posted all week long. For example....in the Hahn Bros. Parking Structure there will be NO SMOKING. When you get here you'll see how dry it is and the danger a grass fire can cause.....also no cooking over there as well. On campus we will have designated smoking areas with sand cans for your convenience.
There will be no parking except on the cut areas of grass. The citizens of Clinton have been most generous in sharing their home town with us. Dick and Ray Hahn have gone way beyond neighborliness in the gracious sharing of themselves and their land. I Know we all appreciate this, and our respect for their land will reflect our appreciation and thanks!!!! Craig is going to attach the e-mail to this so you can see all our concerns and solutions. I just can't wait to get you all here and start the SHOW!!!!!


Fatman and Craig

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