16 July, 2013

hotter than a pepper sprout out here today.  I know you mothers were a little concerned about your precious chillen and the heat,  but only 3 have gone down and I still think 2 were fakin' it....

Trennie copping a little attitude this morning and we had to give him a few demerits which will cut down on his tokens 'earned' fund....tough love!!!!!

Craig and Aaron have the place lookin' pretty good and Ray was most generous with the use of his power washer. (Ours needs parts that I'll get after all the folderol of Championship Week.)  Lemon Squares are done as well as Brownies and some of the cookies.  We're all crazy upsided to see you all in the next couple of days.  Good travels and

Godspeed, fatman

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Comment by mary benson on July 16, 2013 at 10:46pm

See you tomorrow evening! XOXO

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