25 January 2010


Even as we speak, we are in the conference room working on the 2011 Stoopball calendar. Here comes the appeal:

If you each send to me a check for $1000 payable to cash, I can handle this myself. For those of you who don't have as much money (such as your new commissioner, Craig) I ask that you send us PHOTOS FROM STOOPBALL or any other interesting data. (Steve this do not mean any interesting stories from your childhood.) Also, please send any corrections from the 2010 calendar (birthdays, etc). Eddie says there was only one but I think there were more (Shaun Puzio, Erin Rushworth, et al).

Please email the photos and data to Eddie with a copy to Craig and myself.

Feel free to take a day to get this to us (we really would like it as soon as possible).

We are waiting...



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