5 July, 2011


Back to regular pay today, so of course, Trennie....no calls/no shows!


Not me, I'm finishing up the new exterior outlets for the fancy schmancy shitters, and the Meganmobile.(I know it ain't comin' this year but we'll be ready .....)  The official Stoopball League of America balls got here today, and I have to get started on rubbing them all up with Detroit mud.


This year we will have a few new additions to the complex.  As I've already told you there are a couple of new signs, and of course the formal dedication of PUZIO'S PORTICO.  We also have begun work on the new Hall of Fame, and hope that you will join us in getting that together next week.....of course it will take months to complete but we figure since it is the people's place, the people should be part of it's planning and putting together.


Back to work....




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