10 July, 2011



I'm sure all of you by now have seen the news coverage of the ugly and unfortunate happenings here at SLA World Headquarters.  'Queen of Concessions', Annette Donar, stormed the kitchen and tried to wrestle control of the League.  The gendarmes were called and thankfully no blood was shed....Ms. Donar released a statement through her attorney Guisseppe Hunzar, it read,  "I'm the only one with major league experience".  Well missy I hope that experience finds you ANOTHER JOB cause you are out of here!!!!   Rest assured my friends all will be well.....truth be told we were looking for a way to get out of Ms. Donar's excessive contract.  We have been in touch with quite a candidate.  First of all, she's got a little Maltese in her....makes it easy eh?  What's that old phrase?......Done and Done!!!  Welcome Ms. Sarah Phelan!!!!!  She will take over immediately and her salary will be commensurate with whatever Craig says it should be.....speaking of which I'm now wondering if Aaron and I will be making overtime for today?  Yes we work for the love of the league but we gotta eat...


Carol got the pond pretty well tricked out and ready today,  Aaron was working the refrigerators and organizing the garage.  We got some water down on the flowers but it's been so hot that we're not sure they'll make it.  Things are getting closer and closer.  Yesterday, Connor confirmed the fireworks purchase order and we'll be picking the pyrotechnics up later in the week.


It is late, I must go now.





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