9 July, 2011


All is well here at World Headquarters!!  Hot and humid as only July in the cornfields can be.  Head of Grounds and Operations, Aaron O'Bel, went over the campus and was pleased with the preparations so far.  He made notes and had me write down what still needs to be accomplished before the Hospitality Suites open on Thursday next.  He was a little disappointed in the pond, as Carol found it more important to visit with Shlomo, than to GET THE WORK DONE!!!! 


We got the corn and maters ordered for the BBQ on Friday.  Sandy Ford, was concerned that the Itinerary wasn't done and made disparaging remarks about the present regime at World Headquarters. We gently made it clear that the Itinerary has been posted on this website for over 2 weeks, but she seems more interested in magic wands and Ms. Molly Weasly..... no wonder her kids can't wait to turn 17  and gain  legal emancipation!!!


It's just past 8:30 PM so we're gonna call it a day........WE CAN'T WAIT TILL YOU'RE HERE!


The countdown is over...we're on GO!







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