12 July,2011


Big day today!  Sandy got the concession shit together and gave a little extra cleaning to the coffee pots, Trent took care of the old coffee maker for Aaron.


Oh by the way Ms Carol got into Black Jim a little about smoking in the house.....which he didn't do but Carol wanted to make sure he knew the rules.  (OK, maybe he did have a smoke in the kitchen with my permission and he dropped his cigarette and luckily I was there to catch it and before I even thought about it I snuck a drag.  Lucky for us I was there and may have saved us from a serious house fire.)


Did I tell you that Chris and Sandy got in yesterday?  They got a good night's sleep and were hard at it today.  Sarah if you do get the potting shed, you have your mother to thank for it's cleanliness...but I did get the bug bomb to kill the flying things.


Tonight we're having a nice quiet dinner of roasted baby red potatoes and vegetables with a some sausage and a light salad, we'll go over our final plans for tomorrow and be ready for Pasta Rustino and Pizza on Thursday.  You will be able to register on Thursday Night and the Pro shop will be open when the hositality suites open at 2:00 PM


Tomorrow ....




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Comment by mary benson on July 12, 2011 at 11:24pm
I can't believe I'm not there!
Comment by Mark Tocco on July 12, 2011 at 6:13pm
So is "hositality" a freudian slip for hostility, cause you know we are still fighting the war of northern aggression.

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