4 July, 2011


Work around headquarters was especially upbeat today, as Trent and I knew we were making double time money!!!  We continue to put the final touches on the grounds in anticipation of the great event beginning in just a few days.


The refrigerators are in place and ready to go...we don't fire them up for a few days but the test runs were OK.  Credit Card terminals were installed and are waiting for your plastic.  The fields are all weeded and the corn is just over 4 and a half feet.  We do need some rain but we're letting God work on that. (There is only so much that Craig feels comfortable with!)


We've got a few more signs to get up, and finish the food and beverage orders.  This is the time folks....I wish you could all be here and share in the anticipation.


We will try to put a little note up each day now, so you can be a part of the excitement.  I'm hoping that Maeve will begin her Kid's Kamp Round Up Notes next Monday, negotiations are moving along.  That'll do it for now.





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