27 July, 2010

And so begins the march toward the 2011 Stoopball League of America World Championships. With the cheers of the Championships still ringing in our ears, and the smell of pizza and hamburgers still lingering on our clothes, and the fireworks disappearing in the summer night, we here at world headquarters are beginning to repair and rebuildour hallowed campus. The overseeding of the fields has already started. Broken chairs have been discarded, busted solar lights are being recycled, the last of the garbage is being picked up. The banners are down as are the 'green monster' screens. Now is the time that we get all this stuff put away for another year! One thing that we have through all this drudgery......as we pick up and put away things..... we smile.......as I put away the 55 gallon garbage cans I think of asking Aaron or Craig to take the filled bags to the dumpster and smile a little. The garage is very sad.....crap everywhere and NOT where it belongs, as I slowly start to put things back in their place....I smile, thinking of Saturday and how things slip by.

By next year we will have everything back in it's place, with a fresh coat of paint or all washed up, ready for another round of comfort and joy shared by wonderful friends and lovers. Thank you all!!!

Oh....and by the by, I would like to wish Mark Tocco a happy birthday....how do I know his birthday? I bought a 2010-2011 Stoopball Calendar. Didn't get yours? For $22 dollars each, we would be happy to send you as many as you need. This year we featured the kids of Stoops. It is absolutely wonderful. Please buy one or we will be mentioning them in every blog we write.

More soon....



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