Black Jim in the house!!! Arrived last night and was hard at today....well he got to breakfast anyway...2 up, hashbrowns and bacon.  Good to welcome him back and of course he immediatley challenges me to a concession duel!


The final signs are here and ready.  Aaron got the rest of the concession floor done and Craig went over some very important things regarding this week.  For instance, the tokens.   Orange is $1, Green is $5, and Black is $10.  So I say.....hey Craig we got some Blue ones, why not make those $20.  He said....fatman go check one of your lists....sometimes I wonder if he should be in charge?


Since we worked real hard today we're gonna take the rest of the night off and have a little dinner and watch the home run derby......Tomorrow is a big day, we'll keep you posted!



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Comment by Aaron O'Bel on July 11, 2011 at 6:01pm
Weather still-life need to check those solar lights

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