15 June, 2010

Gettin' closer now.....sorry I haven't got back with you guys for a few days, but you can see we've completed the 2010 Itinerary. Plus the Calendar is at the publisher even as I write this missive to you! Eddie has given the final approval and we're down to proofing the copy....that's publishing-speak for checking our work!

We've have had alot of rain and believe me the crops are growing. You can check the progress in our photo album....I hope to have a couple more pictures of Carol in the corn by Friday....these pictures were taken this past monday and I'll take one tomorrow....seeing is believing.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the paint on the last sets of bleachers, and get to work on the infields....plus there's plenty of trimming and pruning still to do. It never ends! We here, are getting pretty geeked! More tomorrow...



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