20 June, 2010

All you guys out there....Happy Father's Day!!!!

Five weeks and counting here at headquarters. I hope you guys are seeing the progress through the pictures we have posted. Carol in the corn pictures are about 7 days apart. I like the one that shows the new infield grass on Chance Field, and the flowers that are past blooming by the time you get here.

Craig is coming up with a new 'special' deal on one all day token....It will include boxed seats for the championship Game, full food and beverage service for the weekend, front row seats for the Clinton premier of NEW YORK STREET GAMES, and more!!!!! We will get this up as soon as we finalize the price!

I'm considering letting the grass grow a little longer pn the fields....any comments? Speaking of comments that you all for your interest in the web site and posting your thought and opinions. I was asking Craig this morning if people are actually reading this stuff and checking out the pictures....he told me I wouldn't believe the response we're getting. So thanks again!



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