22 June, 2010

Portugal 7...North Korea 0....Which brings up some very interesting news on our inroads into Europe. I'm sure you all remember ex-patriot and former commissioner Cat....well he has been running our European Headquarters without authorization for a couple of years now. There had been some attempts to get him back under our aegis but to no avail. Not to worry, folks! Our own little Secretary of State, Michelle Grifka is enroute to visit with Commissioner Cat (he still retains the title) in Portugal, and hopes to hammer out a little detente of her own. Nothing is final yet, but all sides are talking and we hope for complete resolution before the 2010 SLA Championships. Unity at last!

We are still working on the One Token Covers All...and will keep you up to speed...Craig did say that we would have to limit membership...no more than 10-12. Ginny, DeWald, Kase, and Brody have all made deposits and said cost is not a factor....they want IN!!!!! If any of you are looking to get an outfield sign up this year, please let Craig know. We'll need your logo and what you want on the sign....the cost is just under $200....but the exposure is priceless.

Back to moving mulch!



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Comment by Russ Gunnink on June 22, 2010 at 11:34am
II’ve not seen any information on the Craig Ruston Jumbotron yet. I wonder if the Fat man is still in fierce negotiations with Marlboro for purchase assistance. They owe him!!!!

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