29 June, 2010

In just 3 short weeks Kids Camp will be under way.....Nice! Sandy will be hustling the chillen in their chores, tents will begin to sprout here at World Headquarters, the pool will be filling...yes we're close. If I close my eyes I can actually see family and friends sharing the best week of the year!

Today, B., Trent, and Craig finished the mulching and we graded the infields with new dirt. It's just like the old dirt....it's just new. The garbage cans are out, and the coke coolers are in the concession stand. The canopy roof is also up. The fish are jumpin' and the corn is as high as an elephants eye. This much I know is true....we will be ready for you! And we can't wait.

In other news, the Detroit Risers have announced that they have broken off negotiations with their 12 time All Star, Kelly Puzio. He had been seeking a long term contract but talks have broken down. He has stated that he would sit out the year if it came to that.....well it looks like it's come to that. Riser GM Steve Phelan says that it doesn't look like Kelly will be in uniform come the World Championships in July.

That will about do it for today. Back to the yard....



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