5 June 2011



Well, pardon me...Michelle...you just watch now as we will email you with ALL the comments.(Of couse there is usually only 1 comment, if that. BUT if there WERE...you'd be getting them!  It's called a SOCIAL NETWORK, Lurlene, and  what civilized people do is chat it up among themselves and SHARE their FEELINGS and VIEWS on this amazing.....um amazing....um.... cyber thingy!


In other news,  I'll be knocking out the 2011 Itinerary soon and will post it on the site. (and you damn right, Sister Lurlene...we will email it to you all!)  Also word is that a defrocked and shamed former commissioner is now seeking asylum here at World Headquarters and plans on making an appearance at the 2011 Championships!!!!   Passport problems should not be a problem as we are a sovereign nation. (I signed the papers giving BACK this land that the white man took from the T'hono Odham Nation back in the olden days.)  If that should happen,  and there is no guarantee that it will.....but if that happens,  we may just have all former and current commissioners,  commissioner-designates and commissioners-in-waiting right here in Clinton,WI.  It will be Commissioner Craig's first really big international shebang,  but I feel he's ready for the challenge.   He is studying Portugese so he can communicate with ex-patriate commissioner Cat.


So you can see, while you're enjoying your air conditioned homes and apartments, we here at World Headquarters are bustin' our butts to make this year's SLA CHAMPIONSHIPS something special.  For example, Sandy Ford is coming to campus on the first of July and staying through the 25th.  She wants to do whatever it takes to make this year the BEST!  We'll be writing about others and their contributions as the days go by.  In fact instead of complaining about emails, Lurlene maybe you could give a little time and effort and put together a little blog...I'll personally make sure that Commissioner Craig posts it immediately!!!!


That will do it for now.  Let us know what you think and post all comments....and feel free to add pictures.






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Comment by Michelle Grifka on June 20, 2011 at 6:39pm
Lurlene called, wants to know if you can get them to open the laundroteria extry early on Sunday morning.
Comment by Shaun Puzio on June 8, 2011 at 7:47pm
no worries, I gotcher back.
Comment by Craig Ruston on June 8, 2011 at 7:30pm
ooops I forgot to send an e-mail......
Comment by Shaun Puzio on June 8, 2011 at 7:23pm

I love the updates, but hate that ning doesn't notify me when there are new blog posts.  At least it allows you to follow the comments by clicking "Follow" at the bottom. 

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