18 July, 2010

Aaron has been here just 24 hours, and the difference is amazing. Lots of stuff I didn't remember from last year....Anyway, he has just about gotten me up to speed on what we're missing and need to attend to. Today we worked a little on the lights (solar and stadium), got some painting done and of course since Carol was here we HAD to sit on the porch and marvel how hot it was, how good we have it, how much we enjoy having everyone share this week, and on and on and on.....and on....and a little more on....

And so we once again await with joyful anticipation of your visit here at World Headquarters. For the most part, as we finish our final preparations, we are talking about what we didn't finish and what has to wait till next year. The real beauty of this week though, is being close to all of you. Sharing the joys and sorrows of another year. The Grampas, Grammas, Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, all God's children comin' together! We will break bread, and bless the wine; tell of years past and listen as the young folks tell of the times yet to be, as Kipling said, theirs is the world and everything that's in it! On behalf of all the staff, thanks for coming and being part of the family.

Tomorrow as we're planning the pizza and pasta, and buying the chicken and ribs, cleaning the concession stand, trimming the grass, we'll have some one new posting our little updates. Stay tuned for more....we still have to deal with Fireworks, what time Opening Ceremonies will really start, who will show for both Stoops and the Wedding, will Fatman really hold it against you if you don't show at Stoopball but come to the Wedding? ( Oh Hell yeah.)

I love you all. Madly! Truly! Deeply!



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