Craig and Tom in the Commissioners' Corner

2 June, 2010


Well we're about 50 days away from the 2010 World Championships, and we here at headquarters figure we'd give you all a little update on the preparations.

Today Trennie and I busted our tails raking and filling holes. We also got a start on some cleaning and washing of the bleachers, and benches. Craig watched and said we did a real good job. After about 3 hours in the blistering sun we each got 6 oz. of water! AND we have to call him MR. COMMISSIONER!!!! But you know me.....I just smiled and toted that barge.

The new infield grass on Chance Field is coming in nicely, and definitely will be ready by July. We've decided to start a bit of a diary here on the web site, as we approach the Championships. We'll keep you informed of our progress here at the compound, and even send along a few pictures to keep that visual thing going. I don't know but we're also considering posting a little video to show you all our efforts to make this the best ever.

The new calendars are just about ready for the printer and Eddie will be in town tomorrow for our final edits. We should have them in late June and those of you who want to start July with your new Stoopball 2010-2011 calendar should email us and we would be happy to send them out. Of course they will be available in the pro shop! (Plus we do have a few 25th Anniversary Coins left!....and SLA Mugs!....and believe it or not golf balls from the last century! BIG SALES COMING!!!! I MEAN CLEARANCE, LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN!)

Finally, Craig and Michelle have negotiated with Levy/Lifschitz Productions to hold a Clinton premier of NEW YORK STREET GAMES. We hope to have the stars of the movie, Ray Romano, Hector Elizandro, Regis Philbin, Eddie Holohan, Stephanie Hughes, and Megan Crill in a non speaking role, here for the preview. We are tentatively planning a Thursday night under the STARS on two levels.

That will do it for now.....come back tomorrow we'll have more to report.


Carig and the Fatman

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Comment by Shaun Puzio on June 2, 2010 at 8:16pm

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