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It’s that time of year again. Just a couple of weeks to go before the Championships on July 21st.


As you already know we are adding a “Family League” to the Games this year. I’ll just touch on the reasoning behind it and then give you some guidelines.


In the past couple of years we have let the “twelve year old” rule slip. We’ve allowed smaller kids to play in the Big Leagues. This was easy to do since we all love our kids and Stoopball is such a great way to be with them. But there are compelling reasons to pay attention to the ‘12’ rule.


The potential collisions between 220 lbs. football players and 42 pound wannabees are scary. Having vastly different sized people on the field at the same time is unwise. Just as important is the fact that most players will dial it back a few notches when up to bat, if there’s a little kid(s) in the field. This can be a problem if you’re intent on playing hard and keeping your focus. It’s just not fair to ask a player who’s thinking “Champion” to stop playing hard.


So if we enforce the rules where do kids under twelve play? Well, there’s the Kids’ League of course and the Kids’ League will remain just as it has always been with its games fitting into the larger schedule and its own Championship.


But there is still no place for younger kids to play with their families and grown up friends. The kids are too young for the big leagues and the adolescents-seniors are too old for the Kids’ League.


Ergo…….The Family League. This is a grouping of teams who 1) Want to keep their clans together during the games. 2) Don’t care to play with the intensity at which many of the Big League teams play. 3) Look forward to relaxed competition. 4) Have retired from illustrious careers in the Bigs. In short, The Family League is open to any team that would enjoy a more casual approach to the game.


There will be a posted schedule for all FL games (just like the Bigs). There will NOT be scheduled playoffs nor a championship game for the FL.


THIS IS IMPORTANT: Players must choose between the Big Leagues and the Family League. You can’t play in both leagues. That would be a schedule maker’s nightmare and  teams’ personnel would vary wildly throughout the day because of scheduling conflicts.

So register your teams and players in EITHER the Family League or the Big Leagues.


We are going to need at least four teams to make a go of this. I know the Alaska Hounds are in and the Chicago Stoops are in. Let us know as soon as you can who else is joining them.

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