16 July, 2014

Perfect day at the compound....Puzio workin the kampers to the bone, Carol telling Tom what he did wrong, Aaron smiling, Sandy using paper towels, this years Artist in Residence, Maeve Humitz, has held 2 Master Classes....life is good!

Informal talks began today regarding the ning web site.....it looks like it, along with Tom, Steve, John and other old useless things, it will be sent to it's special resting place. (Yeah, I'm saying it!!!!)  In the next few days, Craig, Michelle, Puzio(s), and the rest of the pauci electi will be making some hard decisions on the future of the one time giant social media goliath....stoopball.ning.com! (myspace?)  So this in fact maybe the last blog ever!  (I know you five people who check on the site will have a tough time getting over this sad time.)(Sure we have about ten hits, but that's because  Craig, Aaron and I check it 2 or 3 times a day.)

So, it looks like Mr. Zuckerberg can buy another little country, or business with our followers money....and don't tell me he ain't making money on our backs... Finally I beseech all of  YOU.....WILL YOU JOIN IN OUR CRUSADE....SINGING THE SONGS OF ANGRY MEN......????     HUELGA!!!!!!


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