I was going to send an email to you on a couple things and since you sent this out maybe this will give people time to think about the extreme fire danger we are in.
The dry conditions need to be addressed before everything starts. We have had standing green crop field burning over the past week. It does not look like we will see enough rain to make it any different by the start of Stoopball. This area has a "burning ban" in effect. This means no open outside burning (trash or rubbish piles) but does allow cooking and contained (attended) campfires also fireworks.
The areas I see a possible problem would be:
The fire pit, I know all about traditions but we may have to be willing to compromise. The fire pit in the past has burned all weekend, sometimes unattended overnight, and this could be a big problem if the wind comes up and lights the grass on fire while people are sleeping in tents close by.
Possible suggestion: Not allow the fire to burn overnight, have water close by if needed. I would have hoses attached and water buckets located around the property.
The fireworks, same as above unless we have a perfect wind and the beans do not get any dryer.
Possible suggestion: Only allow fireworks with the wind blowing them into the fields to the south. If there is any possible way they would blow into the parking area or fields on the north side of the road (Raymond's land) I would cancel them. This may be a last minute decision.
Outside cigarettes and smoking, both on the grounds and across the street on Raymond Hahn's land.
Possible suggestion: You may want to come up with metal disposal containers located around the yard and across the street.
Campers or teams with fires and/or cooking across the street on Raymond Hahn's land. I am also a neighbor and in the past there have been teams that bring small grills to cook on and then just dump the hot coals in the tree line on our property. If someone was to do that now we would have a pretty big fire in a matter of minutes.
Possible suggestion: Do not allow cooking or fires across the road.
Cars parked in any un-mowed grass, mufflers and catalytic converters can start grass fire (and then car fires) pretty easy with these dry conditions. Even with the grass mowed it can be a problem if the grass is to dry and the car is very hot.
Possible suggestion: With the lawn mowed there should be no problem. Do not allow cars around the edges to park in taller grass.
John F Rindfleisch Clinton Fire Protection District PO Box 153 145 Ogden Avenue Clinton, WI 53525 608-676-5550 608-751-2002
"Braithre Thar Gach Ni" "Brotherhood Above All"

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