15 June, 2009


One of the plans for this year was to post pictures to show the progress we are making here at World Headquarters. You know you could jump online and see the nitty gritty work and watch it coming along. I figured that way you folks could get a little geeked up and start to get ready for the Championships. Well, I don't have a camera and Mr. Craig Ruston, who is claiming to have the answer to everything says it's not a good idea! People.....you must come to your senses about this guy. Sure he's full of promises, but I deliver! Right now he is enjoying a late dinner of grilled pork tenderloin with carmelized apple and onions, while I finish getting the banners up (if I did have a camera... and knew how to use it... and knew how to post pictures... they would be inserted here), and spread another 30,000 pounds of sand around the playscape.

Otherwise, things are beginning to come together. The merchandise is arriving daily, and the 25th Anniversary Calendars are back from the printer and ready for purchase. I will try to drop a few notes each day or so, as we get closer and closer to GO time. Let me know if you need anything.



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