30 April, 2009

Spring has finally arrived !!!! Here at World Headquarters, we know it is official when the Tamarack Pines burst forth with the most beautiful green needles. Perhaps it is because they are the only pine tree that loses their needles each year, but I'm telling ya......you wake up after a spring rain one day, and these 130 year old trees are magnificent. Resurrection, rebirth, starting over.......it's all here, and it's all good!

We have begun to take things out of winter storage. Tables, chairs, planters, lights, cords, flags and so on. We have made lists of what we need and what is ready to be replaced. I really wish you guys could spend some time here on campus during these quiet times. Everything is so different! It's quiet! You can sit in one of the swings and smile and imagine a hundred and some days from now all the hustle and bustle that will be filling the place. Before long we'll be adding infield dirt and grooming the fields, the screens will go up and camp sites will sprout. The grass has already been cut 3 times!

Drop by anytime. The beauty of World Headquarters is that you can come and just sit around and shoot the breeze with friends, or just sit alone and wander in your soul for a few........Here's to Spring!!!!!!



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Comment by janice 'from the kitchen' armour on May 1, 2009 at 10:05pm
here you go, waxing so eloguently again. you are one of my favorite people. Stoopball not happening fast enough for me. wait until you see the next item i will have Kelly post for pre-orders. its all very exciting.

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