2 June, 2009

We’re in the final stages now. As June begins, we here at World Headquarters are working 16 hour days in preparation for what promises to be the biggest event in our history....The 25th Anniversary of the Stoopball League of America’s World Championships!!!!! This is when we get down to the detail work, folks. It’s a matter of going over all the lists and making final preparations. We are deciding which projects will get finished, and which will have to wait another year.(If you guys would approve a reasonable budget, we could get everything done, but who am I to say anything!?!)(Well, I could tell you who I am.....I’m the guy that looked straight into the eyes of DEATH and said....’I don’t think so! I’ve got the Silver Anniversary to prepare for.....and so you are stuck for MAYBE the final time with the Fatman!)

Speaking of being stuck with me, it looks as though we have gone through yet another Commissioner. Cat has decided to take a position with Matt Levy Productions in their Lisbon office. I hear that he is renouncing his citizenship and everything. But then I also hear from Michelle (Grifka not Obama) that he is the soon to be taking a post in Portugal as some sort of Diplomat/Attache for the federales. So here’s how this has played out. 25 years ago I decided that Megan would be the Commissioner Designate, and to not hurt Shlomo’s feelings, we appointed her as the Commissioner-in-waiting; well we don’t need to revisit how that worked out, do we? Craig? We need to talk!!! Soon!!! I don’t know how much time I have and I want you know where all the money is hidden!

Did I get off on a tangent? Well let’s get back to bidness! We have canceled the contract with MacGregor Sports and have decided to use Champion Sports as the Official Ball Supplier of the Stoopball League of America. Why you may ask? Two simple reasons.....1. Champion will charge us more.(Tocco, you love this, don’t even say no!) 2. MacGregor stopped making the ball. So .......Done and Done! Next on my agenda is the announcement that for the first time this little epistle will be available only online and through email. You folks know my almost fanatic position on saving the earth .(Sandy.....it was through your enlightening me to this whole global warming thing!) So we are gonna give this a shot. For those of you who get this by email , please give us a look at stoopball.ning.com and continue to check in for news you can’t use. Also you can get the 2009 Championship Week Itinerary....it’s just a click away on stoopball.ning.com. (I think you go to the events tab or something......look you are all smarter than me so just do it and get a few chuckles from the old pictures!)

For now friends, I figure it’s about time to put this puppy to bed. I feel a little guilty, it is such an exciting time around here as we ‘get ready’. It’s too bad you all can’t just stop by and sit a spell on the old porch with an icy glass of sweet tea.... rock a little.... stair a little.... get yourself right with the world. I can’t wait to see and be with you all in just a few short weeks. Until that time....


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