It has come to my attention that we stoopballers, only post blogs about stoopball, about a month before and after that crazy week in the middle of july. Sooooo, i thought i'd post something!! 10 months, until we get weird looks from the people driving up and down that county x road. 10 months, until madison and i can scare connor with the same children of the corn story. 10 months, until ella and i can debate the color of pink and hearing about it being "wayyy to girly and gross" for anyone to wear. 10 months, until we all get eaten alive by Mosquitos. 10 months, until my mom sends me out of the kitchen, when Tom is yelling about something carol did. 10 months, until my parents call me in the middle of the night to accuse madison and i of drinking beer..... we were asleep, and doing no such thing!! 10 months, until i can try (and fail) to recruit leigha to be a Hottie once again. hahaha this is what i do when i should be doing my homework!!

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Comment by Larry Delonnay on September 10, 2009 at 11:38am
10 months until I start taking pictures again and embarrass you and Madison.

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