I remember back in November hearing a quote from our new President....

"Something something something, change something something....."

Ok, that's not exactly how it went, but the message is still clear.....change!

I am not here to politic, but the Commissioner position has sort of been in ruins over the last few years. No wonder Cat fled to Portugal, was a seven year "transition year" with the exiting commish really necessary? I believe the stress of having to work with the Fatman all those years led to an assassination attempt. You say heart attack, I say...Sorry. I have been hanging out with Tom for too long (you see what he does to the nice guys???).

Assuming that I am going to be offered this position, I have been working out some things SLA related. I'm in talks with Cat about starting up a SLP (Stoopball League of Portugal), then having a championship game between the SLA winners and the SLP winners. We figure the winner of the SLA/SLP Championship game will determine home field advantage for the SLA/SLP Kid's Championship game of that year.

Also, I contacted Ginny about drafting my contract for the Commissioner position. I am giving SLA a "Craig Stimulus Package"! NO MONEY OWED FOR 60 MONTHS! That's right, 5 free years of work. This allows SLA to use that money now. Maybe a swimming pool.....maybe a trampoline....the possibilities are endless.

Now some of you maybe thinking, what to do about the Fatman? I say we string him along this year (maybe even still call him commish) and next year tell him Stoopball is cancelled!

Looking Forward to our New Future,


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Comment by Craig Ruston on June 6, 2009 at 9:44pm
nod, nod, wink, wink
Comment by carol j katroscik on June 6, 2009 at 8:28pm
ok craig... i admit it... i shot the fatman..... the stress of 40 years and then all this stoopball shit got to be too much over the bleak winter months... i did not think anyone would figure it out... with all that snow and all i just knew everyone would believe the shoveling got to him.... don't tell anyone ... ok...... i will support your bid for commish if you take tom every winter..... yours in the shared secret.... ckat

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