JULY 13-20, 2014


SUNDAY-            Aaron O’Bel leads interfaith prayer breakfast, without his appendix.

MONDAY-              Kids’ Kamp opens! Aaron, Trent and Craig are the only kampers. Maeve begins ‘art project in glass’…if she survives the drive.

Tuesday-                Begin setting house up for concessions.  Have tom try the square again (we still miss you Janice).

Wednesday-         Sandy and Shaun arrive (not together). Lurlene and Fatman explore explosives.  Tom says “really, this is the last year!!! I am serious.” Craig starts next years’ to-do list, item #1 no fat man….

Thursday-             Hospitality suites open. Early registration opens (bring your credit cards, we got the Square). Pro-shop opens, hopefully we have ordered enough calendars. Shlomo serves up Pizza, Pasta Rustino and Salad for the Champions’ Dinner (Go Abysmal at Best).

Friday-                    25th Annual Big Rich Celebrity Pro-AM Golf Tournament at Prairie Woods, tee times start at 10:30. Puzio finishes list in record time this year. The annual Commissioner’s All Around a Pig’s Ass Pork BBQ at 6:05pm. Lights out at 10:00pm.


Saturday-              Championship Day

8:00am         Coffee and doughnuts sponsored by The DuCharme’s, Clinton’s first family of law enforcement.

8:30am       Final Registration.

9:00am         Opening Ceremonies

9:17am         First Pitch

9:27am         Games Begin

9:28am         Concessions open

9:29am         Only a few calendars remain!!!!

5:00pm         Kids’ Championship Game

6:05pm         Playoffs begin

8:00pm         2014 S.L.A. Word Championship

9:00pm         God’s greatest gift to us ‘FIRE IN THE SKY’…BELLISSMO…MULTO BELLISSMO!!!!

Sunday-              Getaway day

                             8:00am         Reveille by Patrick Grace

8:30am         Breakfast on the prairie hosted by the 2014 Champions

9:00am         Monsters down, tables & chairs away, tents down, garbage out

10:00am      Ahh Home, Let me come home, home is wherever I am with you!!!   

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