JULY 15-22, 2012

Sunday-      Janice won’t be here, 2 years in a row. Craig, Aaron, and Tom solider on.

Monday-     Trennie Stick Day. Sandy starts her To-Do List, stops to call Patrick after she finds a pen and paper.


Tuesday-    Aaron runs up the account at Ace Hardware(How many light bulbs do we need?). DuCharme does NOT show up again to help. Tom goes crazy, just show everyone he still has it.


Wednesday-Have you gotten your calendar yet? Where are the kids? I thought this was Kid’s Kamp. Is John Kase really not coming this year?

Thursday-   Hospitality Suites open. Tokens go on sale. Pasta Rustino, pizza, and salad are served at 6 PM. Are the lemon bars served Thursday or Friday???


Friday-        Janice officially dead to us! Ed Holohan/Mike Katroscik Pro-Am Golf Outing is in jeopardy, Prairie Woods refuses to have us back. Volcano Falls puts in their bid to host our outing. All-Around-the-Pig’s Ass Pork BBQ goes off at 6 PM(NOW is when I could use John Kase).



8:00 AM           Breakfast
8:30 AM           Final Registration
9:00 AM           Opening Ceremonies
9:17 AM           First Pitch
9:23 AM           Eddie explains Family League
9:38 AM           Eddie still is explaining Family League
9:45 AM           Let the Games Begin!
9:46 AM           Concession stand opens.
5:00 PM           Chance Championship Game
6:05 PM           SLA Playoffs begin
7:33 PM           SLA Championship Game
9:00 PM           Clinton salutes in a Pyro Technic display, never to be matched,

                        a tribute to The Doyennes of Twister Sisters, Ann and Judy.
                        Not goodbye, until we meet again.

5:00 AM          Breakfast prep
7:00 AM         Get up, pack up, clean up
8:00 AM          Sandy leads Christian/Muslim interface service

9:00 AM         Breakfast hosted by the 2012 SLA World Champs

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Comment by Craig Ruston on June 19, 2012 at 11:19am

Your dad was there when we were doing this. Tom found it proper to take a shot at him.

Comment by Luke DuCharme on June 19, 2012 at 10:28am

Hey, are you refering to Old Man DuCharme not showing up or me?  :)

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