11 June, 2012
It Has been too long, I know and I do apologize for my tardiness.  But Let’s get going on bringing you all up to speed on the 2012 SLA World Championships!
Things are proceeding with all the new improvements here at World Headquarters.  We are suffering with drought conditions, but I’m sure God will get that rectified in the coming days.  She’s got about 5-6 weeks so I don’t want to start pushing just yet.....She does have a few other things to tend to.  I do want to mention that two new facilities have opened here in Wisconsin in the past month.  The boys from Whitewater have completed their new Stoopball Park in Whitewater and have already begun play.  Also right here in Clinton, the Holy Stoopball have completed their new place.  It’s a beautifully hidden little gem just behind the Presbyterian Church.  It’s modeled after the parks of old with a very old stoop and the foul lines cut right out of the sod.  During Championship Week there will be tours of the facility, you won’t want to miss.
We will have the Championship Week Itinerary completed and you should get your copy with this letter or by going to stoopball.ning.com on the Internet.  We also are hoping to have some daily bloggings to keep those who won’t be here up to date and feeling a part of the festivities. I also imagine Craig will have pre-registration available on line.  That way when you get here just pay your fee and your in!
The new calendars are in!!!!Back and better than ever!!  Craig and Trennie have put together a wonderfully fun and picture loaded effort.  They are available anytime....just email Craig and we will get them to you if you want them before you get here.  The price is $20 and that includes shipping and handling.(Handling is Craig telling me who gets what and get it to the post!)  I know many of you have asked about a price break for multiple copy purchases.  We are so close on our margins that we don’t feel we can do that ...maybe next year!!! (Eddie.....no smirking!)
This year we will be celebrating the passing of an era in Stoopball history!  Twister Sister, one of the most beloved franchises of all time,  are suspending play.  After many years of competition, the Grande Dames of Houston, Minnesota will be sipping their chablis from the sidelines and cheering on the next generation of sisters!  The League has decided to dedicate this year’s Fireworks Show to the Smiling Doyennes with the Straw Hats!!!  Annie....finally...you’re under the lights!!!  Thank You!
We are still working out the kinks in the Family League....we hope that you will all help us to get the whole family involved with the playing of Stoopball.  It will be a new venture and we ask you for your patience...now that Craig is Commissioner it won’t just be everything the Fatman wants but Craig does get the final call.  Everything will be wonderful!  Everything will be wonderful!!
In the day to day business, things are beginning to come together nicely.  The banners are up and the fields are getting topped dressed tomorrow.  Carol has the flowers looking mighty fine and the fish in the pond are growing every day.  The official Stoopballs are on order.  Food and beverage is gearing up.
We here at headquarters are looking forward to your visit.  If I may, in closing, once again thank you all for coming, sharing, and being a part of this craziness.  I know sometimes we screw up and don’t do or say or explain everything.  I feel terrible when I hurt your feelings, or am insensitive to stuff.  I want it all to be good for and with you.  We’re trying to control the anarchy that sometimes is stoopball.  We are working on getting better each year, thanks for putting up with us!!!!! On behalf of Craig, Carol, Sandy,  Janice, Annette, John, Chris, Aaron, Shaun, Sarah.


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