OK Stoopers, time to pitch in and give our dear friend Lifschutz a hand...

This is an email I received (and replied to) regarding promotion of the New York Street Games DVD release... Please help if you can... and quickly!


Thanks for contacting me Shannon, I will do my best to help you. We are all very excited about the release of the DVD. I'm not certain who may fit that description, but I'm copying some others on this email, whom I believe will have an answer for you ASAP.

We're looking for a Non-New Yorker, over the age of 45, Latino, who grew up playing street games, and who would do a quick phone interview on the topic.

Who do we know that fits that description? And who has their contact info?

Please forward this on to anyone else that you think may be helpful, and reply directly to Shannon (shannontreusch@falcoink.com) if you have an answer; in order to expedite the process.

Only 122 days until opening ceremonies!
Shaun Puzio
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On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 2:15 PM, Shannon Treusch <shannontreusch@falcoink.com> wrote:Hi Ed and ShaunCraig Lifshutz from NY Street Games (the movie) suggested we reach out toyou.We are handling the press for the DVD release which will be in May

AARP VIVA, which is AARPs monthly magazine for the Hispanic community, is working on a piece tied to the dvd release.They are looking to speak to a Non-New Yorker, over the age of 45, Latino,who grew up playing street games to interview for the story.

The interview needs to happen this week -- ten minutes over the phone.Craig thought you might know someone that fits this description who would bewilling to be interviewed. They are really just looking for a quote about how and why the person grew up playing street gamesI look forward to hearing from you

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