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Thank you for visiting the Pacific Pharmacy Consultants (PPC) website. We at PPC are proud to be a full-service, pharmacy brokerage firm with a singular focus on providing our clients with unique pharmacy-sale solutions that maximize their profits and minimize their stress.
We have more than 50 years combined experience in the sale of pharmacies throughout the United States. We handle every step of the process – from inquiry to implementation – with integrity, professionalism and confidentially. Our brokers work continually to maintain strong working relationships with a network of potential buyers and they are positioned well to assist in the sale of your current pharmacy or the purchase of your next one. At PPC, you will work with members of our Business Solutions Team and our Pharmacy Management Group to bring you the most benefits whether you are buying or selling. PPC has a family of companies and pharmacy resources available for client support before and after the sale.
What PPC can provide for you:
Negotiation We have proven success in designing and negotiating drug store, sale packages that result in maximum profit – and minimum stress – for owners. Honesty We handle every step of the process – from inquiry to implementation – with integrity and professionalism. Buyers We maintain a network of qualified pharmacy buyers with whom we have positive working relationships that result in top-dollar for our clients. Expertise We have brokered hundreds of pharmacy packages successfully to every major pharmacy chain. Confidentiality We respect your privacy and protect your information. We realize confidentiality is vital to you personally and professionally. We disclose information only after we fully qualify a potential buyer and obtain their written agreement to retain the confidentiality of your information. We promise NEVER to place your pharmacy on any public list. Service We are a full-service pharmacy brokerage, meaning we provide everything from expert valuation to consulting to contract review. Simply put, we handle all aspects of the sale, and ensure everything goes smoothly.
Contact us anytime, and we’ll discuss your options.

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