So the final preparations begin for the Thanksgiving meal. B…two and half hours late…. Pumpkin pies are working, stuffing done. Still need to peel potatoes….oh yeah that’s right B is here now. We were going to put this up on the “Upcoming Events”, but couldn’t find it on the web site….thanks Kelly. The next “Upcoming Event”, the winter meetings will be held Friday November 26th at 6:05 PM at the SLA Compound.

On the agenda….

  1. New Shitters
  2. Staffing
  3. Candy Selection
  4. Team Re-alignments
  5. Uniforms
  6. Calendar Pictures

For those of you that won’t be attending, please e-mail any pictures to Tom, Eddie, or Craig.

Ginger bread construction will be held Friday and Saturday starting at noon….come one come all!

We will post more after the Meetings....The following people are dead to us for not showing up this weekend....Janice, Sandy, Patrick(Colleen and Maeve you can be adopted by Tom and Carol), Kelly, Erin, Tocco, Ginny, Steve, Steve, Chris, Megan, Joe, Ellen, Sarah, Danielle, Jeff, Shaun, John, Suzanne, and Johanna.

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