24 July, 2012


Dearest Dearest Friends,

First of all, on behalf of Rock County, thank you all for bringing us much needed rain. Not enough for the fireworks, but a great help to the local farmers. (I think, we had more than enough, but Fire Chief John disagreed!)(So you see, I don't always get my way.)


Secondly, congratulations to all Family Leaguers. The time has really come; we look forward to many years of watching our children grow and learn and share all the goodness we have.


Thirdly, and most importanly, The 2013 SLA World Championships will be contested in Clinton, WI. on July 20, 2013. Make your reservations now and remember them!!! (You know to whom we speak.)


So...from the first bite of Rustino to the brillant grand finale of pyrotechnics (oh that's right there was no grand finale of pyrotechnics...right Chief?), a marvelous time was shared by all. We truly extend our thanks for all the help and encouragement and support YOU gave. Whether it was Shlomo schlepping brats and tomatoes to Sarah, or Aaron on an ice run,  Kelly posting schedules, or Craig explaining, we are playing for a flag that won't be up as long as your Christmas Tree, Fatman grilling pizzas, or Alison pushing the calendars, we were able to stop the world for a few brief shining moments, and smile and sigh!


We already had meetings in preparation for next year. We have noted your suggestions and invite you to let us know more by commenting on this blog. We want to make it better, we want to please more of the people more of the time. Let us know.


Don't forget next year's date, 20 July, 2013...that is 20 July, 2013. So...until 20 July, 2013...



Fatman & Craig





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